Anyone Conceal Carry a G22?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by geeteeohh, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. geeteeohh

    geeteeohh Member

    I am about to buy either a g22 or g23. I thought I was set on a G23 until I rented both of them today and fired about 50 rounds through each.

    It seemed like the longer grip of the 22 fit my hand better, and i was more accurate with it.

    While I don't plan on carrying it a lot, I do plan on carrying it while I am out in the woods four wheeling and on summer hikes. Then may CC as needed.

    I am 6'-2" and to me the extra 1/2" in length and height doesn't seem like much. However, I wonder if it would make a difference on a three or four day hike.

    Anyone CC their G22? And if so which type
    of holster do you use?
  2. 1970ronnie

    1970ronnie New Member

    G 22 or 23??

    i have carried both,,I like the G22 better as well it is a lot better shooter and more accurate.if you are going to carry some Concealed i would and i would carry the g22 in a pancake style holster on the hip with shirt un tucked that will be my flavor on that one,if you need a good small CCW i would recommend you look at the Kahr CW series they are awesome little guns,I have the cw 9 now and love it but i still have my old trusty rusty Glock G-22,it is my favorite of all Glocks including my G35...

  3. geeteeohh

    geeteeohh Member

    thanks 1970ronnie,

    so for CC, it would be definietly OWB then. Anyone else want to weigh in?

    Thanks - GTO
  4. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    I carry my 22 occasionally with cheap uncle mikes IWB, and sometimes in crossbreed supertuck. It's been awhile since I carried my 22 concealed, but I used to carry it all the time.

    I've gotten laxed and generally concealed carry a G27 or a keltec 380 anymore just for comfort.
  5. Braz

    Braz New Member

    I use a Comp-Tac IWB and a 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Holster for open carry. I love both of them. The Comp-Tac is WAY better than the Galco KingTuck, Crossbreed SuperTuck or any other that are same style. Comp-Tac allows you to build your own IWB on their website. My exact model is the Minotaur MTAC. Their kyodex shells can be swapped for another model to accommodate ANY other handgun you can think of. The .40 is able to hold ALL .40's no matter what size. From the 27 to the 24.

    I have had ALL of these holsters and tried them all out (for a minimum of 1 month) and have settled with Comp-Tac as my final choice. You will not be disappointed. As for the 5.11 holster, just watch the reviews on YouTube and your jaw will drop.
  6. Glock22Gen3

    Glock22Gen3 New Member

    I have a crossbreed IWB style holster a friend made for my Glock 22. I wear a muscle shirt under my T-shirt, this is to aid in the slight rub of the grips to my skin. I love it, the holster you see in my user picture will get little use now.
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  7. 27exoboy

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    I did carry a glock 22. I carry glock 27 exo now and its amazing how much more comfortable and easier it is to hide
  8. geeteeohh

    geeteeohh Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I have decided to go with the G23 so will be looking for a holster
    For that.
  9. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    I carry a G20 in the winter and have no issues with it as far as concealing it, but I'm 6'5 1/2 230. If you want a decent holster check out out don hume holsters I carry my 20, 23, and 27 in one and love them.
  10. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    Check out White Hat Holsters. Their MaxTuck holster is awesome, and their customer service is even better!
  11. stp4045

    stp4045 New Member

    I carry a glock 22 gen 3 in a galco summer comfort I.W.B have no problems
  12. BlueTrane2028

    BlueTrane2028 New Member

    Necro thread lives.

    I'll post in case anyone is looking for more data on carrying a G22. I use the same OWB pancake holster for either the G22 or the G23, and both conceal well with an untucked shirt. I prefer to carry the 23, because after a full day on your feet it pulls a little less on you due to the lighter weight. I prefer to shoot the 22, so it will never fully leave my carry rotation, although for now it has been assigned to full time HD duty, with a 22 round mag. I will often, but not always, carry the 23 with a double mag holster on my weak side, and in those cases I use two G22 mags, because nobody ever said "I have too much ammo" when being shot at. If I don't feel like lugging around the extra weight, one extra G23 mag goes in my weak side pocket.

    I will someday get an IWB holster, and might even try a G27, but I'll need to lose some weight to make room for the pistol in my wasitband. Not about to go run out and buy a full wardrobe when I can satisfactorily carry as is. Some of my friends are staunch antis, and they've never noticed either pistol.
  13. doublestack

    doublestack Go Gamecocks!!!

    I bought a G22 gen 3 last week. I held the G22 and the G23 and the G22 just felt better in my hand and had better balance. I took it to the range Sunday and was more than impressed by it's performance. I ordered a Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster yesterday. I plan on carrying it in the woods, on hikes, while hunting, and riding the 4 wheeler like you talked about. All that being said, I wouldn't call it a concealed carry pistol. But I have a Kahr CM9 for that.