Anybody else hate Mike & Mike in the Morning?

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  1. THE hokiest morning sports-lite radio program for the casual sports fan!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree completely it's cheesy and plays off itself way too much. I listen to the Dan Patrick show everyday. It's the best and if I miss it I download the podcast. Check it out it's funny and informative.

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    Feels too scripted, like fox 6 news or something.
    Stephen a Smith & Skip Bayless are two others I can't stand to watch.
    But hey, they are there to entertain.
  4. The only sports show where a conversation about shuffleboard will ultimately turn into a conversation on NY Jets (or Tebow, or Rex Ryan, or Mark Sanchez) courtesy of resident dork (who I'm sure never participated in ANY sport outside of chess) Mike Greenberg.
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    It's run it's course, I can't handle more than one segment anymore.
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  7. 2 cowards who have never had an opinion that even remotely goes against the grain. Because to do anything otherwise would require knowledge of said topic.
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    I hate the way one of them presses his mouth against the mike everytime he talks into it. I think it is the skinner guy.
  9. After having been absent from their show for the past week and having their first opportunity to give their opinions on the Freeh report on the Penn State scandal, Mike "The Dork" Greenberg's first take is to sympathize with the position that Paterno's son, Jay Paterno, finds himself in. ***! This IS the guy (Jay Paterno) after all that publicly dismissed the report of the former head of the FBI (who also happens to be a lawyer), who we can surmise knows a thing or two about conducting investigations, and called said report "opinion".

    Just one more in a long list of reasons to hate this freakin' show!
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    When your son plays(played) for a NCAA team, you tow the line.