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    I've been debating on carrying while on the road. (even though it wouldn't exactly be legal) there are some bad areas out there and I want to be prepared. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.
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    I've had a CDL since 1976. I know the rules. It sound like you do too.

    You've already asked & answered your own question.

  3. I don't know a single trucker that doesn;t carry. IMO keep it in the truck, don't advertise it, and there ya go. it would help if you have a CPL in your home state at least, if it ever became an issue that gives you something to go on.

    "Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6"
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    I agree with Nuk on this one. Most or the truckers I stopped while on patrol I just assumed were carrying, so all my conversations were held away from their cabs. I didn't ask if they had a weapon in the cab nor did they confess to having a weapon. I will add that generally the truck driving folks were very good hearted and very seldom received anything but a warning from me.
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    I'm a driver. I would just make sure you arnt going to Canada.

    Do you haul hazmat? That might be a factor in a decision as well. All that added attention might get the DOT in your cab at some point. I don't know how likely that is though. I hauled hazmat and never had anyone in my cab... Canada on the other hand is a different story! Lol.

    I would rather sit in jail on what I know is a bogus firearm law, after I use it to defend my life. Than to die being a super law abiding citizen.

    I'm all about following the law. But I am a fan of processing oxygen too.

    I'd just be careful. There are all sorts of places to conceal it in the cab.

    Get creative and have fun.

    BTW, I don't think there is any federal law prohibiting you from being in procession of a firearm. It just has to be separated from ammo... AND you have to abide by all local an state laws... Which means you can't carry. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But I think that's how it goes.
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    Here are some very general guidelines. If you are employed by a common carrier as a driver only, and the carrier owns the power unit & trailers, the carrier will have a policy set. Most carriers forbid drivers to have any kind of firearm with them when driving company equipment. If it comes to their attention you are in violation, they will simply terminate your employment. It's a simple "Risk vs Reward" problem. Risk losing your job, & having to find other employment, or have a gun with you that might save your life. A judgement call.

    If you are an owner operator with your own equipment it's likely you are leased on to a transportation company that finds loads for you. So you have to be careful where you let them send you. Trucks are usually subject to search entering & leaving government run facilities, or contractors that have business with the government. Correctional Centers, Prisons, Military Bases. Federal Reservations, etc... If your discovered to have a firearm in your truck in one of those searches it will go very badly for you.

    I know what I've done in the past, and how I would conduct myself now. I just don't advise others as to what risks to take, what works for me doesn't always play out well for someone else.

    Accurately informing yourself & making a balanced decision is usually the best we can do.

    Best of luck to you whatever way you go.
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    Thanks for all the input. It's much appreciated
  8. I don't know how anyone can travel over the road like this and NOT carry. **** I risk it in my car going through IL.
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    Would it be legal to have a gun in one place and a loaded mag in another or would they need to be locked up?
  10. That has been my approach and experience with every large commercial vehicle I have ever stopped. Only one that ever went bad had high quality meth in a couple hideaway cans in the cab. He was drinking Mtn Dew but had two Dr Pepper cans (not cold) in passenger seat.
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    It varies state to state. Do you have a CCW now? If so, which State is it issued in? And how many other States have reciprocity with the issuing state? When I got mine in Nevada, if I added Florida & Utah, I would be good to carry loaded & concealed in over 30 States. But that was a while back. The carry laws change all the time, & I don't check unless I'm taking a trip. It's kind of a mess since every state writes it's own laws.
  12. Depends on the state. some, like NJ, require the gun to be in an actual trunk or compartment not readily accessible by a passenger, slide locked with a cable lock and the ammunition in the cab secured.
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    I don't have a ccw yet but when I get it it'll be in Iowa. I think something like 37 states recognize it.