Any SWAT Officers out there?

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    Just wondering if there are any SWAT Officers out there! I did approx 14 yrs on our SERT Team (Special Emergency Response Team). Got off the Team when it became Political. There was a Time when we spent more time with each other Working, Training and working out, than we did with our Families! It was 100% Dedication to the Team! I do not have very many pics of our time on the Team and I am not sure where most of them are but I though I would share one that I have handy. I held the positions of Back Up Man (BUM) Squad Leader, Marksman/Observer (Sniper) and Marksman Team Leader. Also have been Acting Commander on Actual Call outs! (As opposed to Training Missions)

    So who here has SWAT/Negotiations Experience?
    Pic of me Shooting/Qualifying with a MP5. Fun Times!

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    I went and completed SWAT School. It definantly changed my approach on everday calls. We were a combined SWAT team, so we had different officers from different locations (locally) that all had different specialities (sniper, scout, etc).

    But as mentioned in the previous post, politics, and the untimely call-outs took a toll on my family and kids. But the training we went through, and continued training, was exceptional! Gave me a lot more tools, as in my opinion, any officer, can always learn, and should...

    I had a good time on it and gave me much more tactical tools that never were or barely touched on certain tactics!

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    I went through SWAT school twice but never actually joined the team. I was a reserve at the time and couldn't get the required time off from my full-time employer.