Any range owners here?

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  1. Im curious about a few things...

    Is there a size limit to the shooting area... can it be only so long or so short?

    Is there a rule for the back wall? does it have to be angled a certain minimum for round deflection?

    What crazyness have you seen there?

    How much do you save and/or make on re-loaded ammo?
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    Good question Voodoo, I have a friend that is trying to get the permits for a new range close by, the county is giving him fits but once they see the land I don't think they can deny him the permits. He has 40 acres and it sloped downhill into a natural bank so 400 yds should not be a problem.:D

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    We built one on my friends property. We have a nice size pistol range. You can shoot from about 50 yards. And it has about a 10 foot burm behind it.

    Then we have a rifle range. With a bullet trap. A very big one made of steel. It deflects the rounds real nice even 50bmg lol. and just to be safe we put a ten foot burm behind it also.

    The owner of the neighboring property. Ask us if he could use it but we told him no. (didn't want him getting hurt a filing a lawsuit) he got mad and called the cops. They came and said that it was fine. One of the best home ranges the ever seen.
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    Typical child-like behavior. You see it everywhere these days. If the game isn't played to their specifications or they are losing they just try to ruin it for everyone.