Any painters? (custom not home)

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  1. I know we have artsy people here, is anyone into Airbrushing? I use an airbrush to lay the Duracoat and have been branching it off into a lot of other things.

    I run a HF 100PSI 3Gal compressor (kick ass little thing) with an inline water filter, digital pressure regulator (I spray around 27PSI for most stuff) and I prep everything with Mineral Spirits. I was using a basic airbrush from HF to learn till I upgraded to an Iwata knockoff.
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    Sorry nukinfuts, I am a rattle can guy. I wanted to get into Duracoat/Cerakote, but realized I really don't have the free time and other guys around here are more talented.

    I wouldn't mind painting some hot rods/trucks/muscle cars, but I cannot afford the proper equipment to do it right.

    One of the other forums I visit did a clock painting/pinstriping contest and a garbage can painting contest. Maybe we should have a glock slide painting contest!

  3. I'd win.

    lmao or come damn close. I am thinking of a design for the next zombie request I get and the slide is going to look like a rusty bloody mess
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    We demand concept art! Lol. Not really but that sounds cool.
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    When I get my 23, you're doing this. K? Haha
  6. I'm down lol. I'm all about results, it's 2:42am and i'm in the shop laying paint on jarhead's again lol
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    If/when I buy a new Glock I'm thinking I'm going to go with a fire department theme, our engines are red with top half of the cab as white, I think a 2 tone Glock like that would look good... Fire engine red frame, white slide, and our lettering on our engines is a gold leaf over the red, hoping I can integrate the gold into the gun design also but not sure if it could go on the red slide... (possibly a gold colored barrel instead? Idk)

    Nuck I'm sure you know what I'm looking for and have a suggestion about the gold idea

    Here's a pic of our Quint with the white over red paint theme that I mentioned with gold leaf lettering on the red part of the front drivers door panel, just added the pic to help explain what I'm looking for

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  8. I would do a red frame, painting the trigger, mag release, pins, etc white. I would paint the magazine white. paint the slide white on the sides, front and back and then red on the top. Two reasons for the top: 1) it will look awesome. 2) you are better off shooting in the sunlight with red as opposed to white.

    The gold could be done over the white or red, both would look very good.
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    Now that you mentioned the red top I agree about the sunlight issue, I have an idea for the top to maybe personalize it to have my station number, my name and maybe my department ID number on the top and in gold... This would be my personal show piece but still functional for the rare occasion I take shots with it - yes it's still a Glock and needs to throw some brass every once in a while :)

    I always have the memory of 9/11 fresh in my head when 343 of my brother firefighters gave the ultimate sacrifice and I would commemorate them by shooting it every year on 9/11 as my own tribute and salute for their heroic efforts :)
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    I have an airbrush kit , but I am NO artist. I like to refinish ammo cans. I sand them down , repaint them a drab green then redo all the lettering an / or sometimes add a design.

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  11. There are a lot of really good possibilities. You could always have the slide engraved prior to paint.
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    Im right there man . i am not a first responder but am from NJ . I know this effected the entire USA but I think it hit the NY/NJ are a little differently..Seeing the emergency vehicles racing North , hearing sirens roaring, having the malls on lockdown is something Ill never forget along with the HOURS of not being able to reach my wife who was in NY on business was unbearable....
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    that would be amazing !!!
  14. Sorry for the short replies earlier guys, I was up all night working on Glock32Jarheads Glock.

    @ nyycanseco33:

    I'm pretty sure I can come up with something really wild that would incorporate your FD and also the emotions and honor/values of 911. I am going to sit down later today with my sketch pad and lay down a few ideas.

    I was 17 when 9/11 happened and I grew up in South NJ. My family is all police, fire, ems, etc so naturally all of the friends that would come around were also. I got lucky in that I have done S&R and BLS my whole life. I was in class when it happened and the man that would later become my boss picked me up and I was in a caravan of ambulances and fire trucks heading to NY. We lied and said I was 18 and I got right to work with NYFD and NYPD doing search and rescue.We were there for two weeks and it was completely surreal, very sad.
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    Okay.... I walked up to the shop & took a couple of snaps of some stuff that's laying around. The dismounted tank was done about 15 years ago. The bike was done about 11 years back, and is a daily driver now. Old stuff. And the last time I had anything to do with paint & refinishing was in 2004. I spent 11 years as a factory technician for Akzo Nobel - Sikkens & Lesonal, Standox, PPG, House of Kolor, & Exotic. Pretty much teaching painters how to paint. But prolonged exposure to urethane based systems takes a too on your health, and I don't do it anymore. But I know how, I just prefer not to. And I'm fine with my G 21 with it's factory finish.

    My best wishes to anyone that wants to have a custom, or personalized look to whatever they own, it makes life interesting. And this is America, where we are free to express ourselves, & claim our own right to individuality.

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  16. Well, I can paint some walls like no one's business, but not guns lol just the letters on my gun :)
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    This '41 Willies has some national notoriety, I worked up the lime green candy mix from House of Colors toners. Richard Murray, who owned Perfect Touch Street Rods in Minden, Nevada was the designer, builder, and painter. The best I've ever known. The car was built from the ground up in his shop, and sold for $115.000 in 2002. I saw it at auction on ebay a while back with the bidding in the $200.000 range. The name of the car was "The Frantic Frog". It was featured on the Speed Channel, but thats another story. And that's a real Kieth Black Hemi under the hood. I did like the way the paint came out. Fond memories.

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    That Frantic Frog is effing awesome! That color looks very similar to the new Green with Envy color dodge had out on their SRT Challengers.
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    115K doesn't seem fair IMO...
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    Where in SJ ? We had a house built in Williamstown .