Any new Glock models in the future?

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  1. About a year ago, I purchased a G26 for my wife, but the grip was too "fat" for her hands. I had recently purchased a Ruger SR9, but because of my lack of research, the SR9 proved not to be good CCW. It did however prove to be a very nice dependable firearm, but I wanted a gun that was a CCW. So, I sold it and took ownership of the G26 and I fell in love!!!! What an awesome firearm! I've put over 1000 round thru it with no FTE, FTF, jams or stovepipes! I was curious if anyone knows if Glock has any plans to expand their "Slimline" pistols? I know that they offer the G36, but the .45 Auto is a little too big for my wife! We prefer the 9x19. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Currently the only option would be to get a gen 4 pistol they are slightly slimmer. Other than that a custom grip reduction can also be done if a gen 4 is still too wide

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    Waiting for my gen 4 21 to come in. It's been about 10 days and no word yet. Anxious!
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    I wish..and have been wishing for years. Now that S&W is coming out with the M&P9 Shield, maybe Glock will be soon to follow. is exactly that...following. They are a little late to the game. But then again...they had the first slimline 45 long before the XDs.
  5. Thanks for the info guys!
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    There is always the Glock Carbine. It's been rumored to come out any day now.........for the past 10 years.
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  8. This. It takes a skilled person to do it, but when done right makes a night and day difference.
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    I believe Glock has a .380 cal version but it's not avail in the States.
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    Glock does have a .380. Its only available to law enforcement here in the states. Dont get me wrong, I'm a true Glock lover but after owning the .380 and realizing that I could have a 9 or 40 in the same size gun I quickly traded it off.
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