Any Musicians here?

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  1. I'm 46 years old, and I'm in a rock band...Yea, it's a mid-life crisis, I admit. It's also a rush to rock a crowd, and I'll keep on as long as my voice holds out (I'm the lead singer, and I play acoustic rhythm on some of our songs)
    I am an avid Ovation guitar fan here is a pic of my limited edition 1778T Red Flame Ovation, and my limited edition DJ ashba "Demented Series" Ovation...anybody else in a band or play music?

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    I've been playing since 1982, wouldnt call myself a musician tho. I have a 1983 Strat I bought brand new and has been hotrodded several times with different pickups, a Epiphone nylon string STS, a Hamer with PRS Dragon pick ups in it that absolutely shreds. I play through a Peavey Viper Tube 60 which in as awesome as you can get with out spending >$1000 on an amp. Havnt' played in a band since high school but recently started practicing with my friends church band, which isn't my thing but I want to get back into it. I forgot how many guitars I have gone through in the past years. Next up I will be making a Strat to my specs, aka, How i wish Fender would make one, a Warmoth body and neck.

    PS Love those Ovations!!!
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    I am a bassist...Ibanez 5-string jazz bass
  5. I play the tenor saxophone just around the house. I'm not in a band or anything. Just the sound of the tenor soothes my soul lol.
  6. well, we have a lead guitarist, rhythm, bass, and a saxaphone...Now some drums and we have a GLOCK-Rock band! Oooh...great name: GlockRock.
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    Love the graphics on your Ovation.. :)
  8. thanks man!:)
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    I got a Celebrity series (cheap ones).. :D
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    I picked up a Martin Dreadnought for a song (no pun intended) years ago from a friend that needed cash. His loss.
    I'm still learning to play. It sure sounds nice though!
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    Any bids Titankeith?
  12. Any bids for what, bruddah?
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    typo as I was running out the door, I mean vids as in videos of your band.
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    We need to get together and rehearse. Then do some shooting.
  15. we have a few "rough videos" of us at Slo Down Pub...sound isn't that good, as my wife was using her cell phone, lol!

    Simple man

    an original song called "Orcutt Hill

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  16. Here's a song I wrote called "The Zombie Apocalypse Song" I recorded this ten minutes after I finished writing the song...I'm posting it primarily because it's a funny song, and because I'm wearing a Glock shirt, so yea....
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    I don't play in a band anymore but, I still have the trombone (which is now 32 years old and still in good shape) that I played in high school. Does that count?
  19. Sure! My daughter actually played trombone in HS...she was like the only female trombone player...she loved it!