Any more customized guns than Glocks?

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  1. Is there any other gun "type" or "brand" out there that is more tinkered-with, or customized, than Glocks?

    I have owned many guns. I have read through many forums, etc. But now that I own a Glock and am reading through this (and other) forum, it seems clear to me that Glock owners tinker with their guns more than owners of other guns. There are people changing out trigger connectors, springs, etc etc etc as well as working on the internals, like doing the 25 cent trigger job.

    It's kind of like these are the Camaros or Mustangs of the gun world: They're pretty fantastic right from the manufacturer, but we're all eager to Hot-Rod :cool: them!
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  3. x2

    but the 1911 has been doing it a lot longer.

    the 1911 and ar15 forums are even more complicated with way more options.

    but with all that said , it is time to add some accessories to my glock :)

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  4. Glocks, AR's, and 1911s lol
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    What he said:p
  6. As far as most customized, the Glock is not really near the same level as what can be done to a 1911. Also as far as internals, look at what people have been doing for years to revolvers. There are a lot of things that can be done to Glock but there is no way I'd ever consider it the most customized. An those are just handguns. Look at rifles such as the AR's and the Ruger 10/22 (check out to get an idea on how much customization can be done to one of those).
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    Only thing i ever done to the 1911 besides sights are punisher grips.

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    What they said, but I'd like to add in AK47 even though the others are more customizable than the AK47, but I think that there is a lot you can do to play with it.
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    I don't know if there is any gun as customized as an AR-15. The possibilities and manufacturers of parts are endless.

    1911 are up there also.
  11. As I was writing the original post, I was realizing that the 1911 is a heavily-customzed gun, too. I did not think of the AR's at the time.
    I guess I am just kind of old-school when it comes to guns. I have built a few black powder pistol kits and replaced the grips on my Dan Wesson .357 but that's about it. I have not run into guns where peole are inside the action and customizing the internal parts so much. That's just new to me.

    Kind of cool, though! After I send a few hundred more rounds through mine I can see how some customization might be in order. I was looking at a site of someone who does the Duracoat process on them. WAY COOL!!!