Any Military recruiters here?

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  1. Like it says. I have some general questions for a friend of mine, and the limited number of recruiters in MO seem hell bent on being useless.

    Doesnt really matter what branch, but if we have a Coast Guard recruiter on here even better.
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    I was in the US Navy (Commander, 0-5) recently. Are they general questions?

  3. Sort of, I'll shoot you a PM.
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    Most important advice for anyone going in any branch...whatever the recruiter promises you must be on your contract or it's just blowing smoke. Whatever your first job choice is, have a second one in case you miss something and get disqualified for the first choice. Both of these are doubly important if your job involves flying whether piloting or as air crew.

    Whatever start date they give you, be ready to go 60-90 days before that, because the "needs of the service" can change on a dime. Find out what your final PT test will be in boot camp and start getting ready for it now.
  5. Yea I know all that, it's getting him in thats posing difficult.
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    Just tell him to keep at it - he has to really want it - and to be prepared to jump through a lot of hoops. Getting into any military branch is much more difficult these days. It took our son approximately 6 weeks to get through the process. He is leaving for the Marines in April.
  7. His problem is that he used to be Law Enforcement, for the past eight years. He got into some mess with another officer and long story short, he took a plea deal on a class one misdemeanor. They put him on a year of probation, and of course this cost him his job. Now he is having no luck finding any job and has a family to support.

    He could have fought, he probably would have won, but if he lost it meant a Felony and no chance of ever getting his career back. He took the smart road and accepted their offer, taking a felony off the table.

    He's caught in a mess.
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    This is the definition of caught between a rock and a hard place. That sucks man, hope everything works out.
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    Wow. That's a tough one. Hope everything works out.
  10. Thats what I told him.
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    It may affect security clearance issues which may adversely affect his career. I don't know the standards for enlisted personnel but it wouldn't allow him to do computer related security, intel or deal with sensitive information. Best for him NOT TO LIE on his application. It can get him into serious trouble.

    He should consult with a military recruiter and a JAG officer.

    Regarding promises, be weary. There are many people outright lied to by recruiters for them to fill quotas (allegedly).
  12. Yea he knows he has to fully disclose.
  13. not a recruiter and never was but I was enlisted for 10 years and have been a Warrant Officer for 9.
  14. Any advice to share for my buddy?
  15. sure what's up?
  16. ^^^ that stuff
  17. a year ago the Army would have taken a felon. It's not going to be so easy now, that is until we go to back to two wars. So he's got a misdemeanor, big deal. He shouldn't have any problem unless he wants to go into law enforcement or something that requires a top secret clearance.
  18. The misdemeanor doesn't seem to be the hangup, it's the probation. None of the recruiters will even call him back once they learn he is on probation. His probation is call in only, no appearance required of him because of the probation being a different state then his residence.
  19. he may have to wait til his probation is over before joining.
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    no branch of service can enlist him while on probation, that's the reason the recruiters don't want to talk with him.