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Any magazine holster / holder suggestions? Thanks!

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I have a G17 Gen 4 that I don't carry, however I still want a magazine holster or holder. I'm looking for one to use as a secure place to stash a magazine at home where it will he retained but accessable, rather than out loose like in a sock drawer or on the dresser (I have two small children). I don't care if it is a single mag or double mag, although double mag would be a plus, as long as it's hard material not nylon or cordura. I have seen the BLACKHAWK!, Fobus and Glock offerings and need to make sure it has retention. Glock has a knob that holds the clip but only when you're wearing the holster, it becomes loose when not on a belt. Let me know if there are others out there I'm missing, at this point I'll probably go with the BLACKHAWK! single magazine holder but would like other options. Thanks for the help!!
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Blackhawk has a tensioning spring thing that holds my fully loaded mags in an upside down position. Don't shake it, but it works…
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