Any knife collectors here? Winchester knife question...

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  1. I don't know squat when it comes to knives. I honestly forgot I had this and just came back across it an hour ago. Is it worth anything? Yeah it's dirty in the pic but it's how I re-found it after a few years of being put up.


    If it's not worth nothing I will just clean it up, resharpen it and throw in the ATV bag for trail use.
  2. it's from'05 so I doubt it. Cool looking though, don't trail abuse it :p

  3. Currently I can't even remember how I acquired it. I think it was a gift.:confused:

    It would be perfect for trail/camping/anything outdoors. It's a strong knife. Been working on the edge since posting. The edge has came back with a vengeance.:D
  4. I collect knifes but don't have any info on yours. Here is a few of my collection. I swear by these khukuris. They have the chopping power of an axe. Hand made from napal with a full tang blade. There is all so a recon tanto and a mod. 0 mk.3

    Everyone at least needs one ;)

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    My knife collection...

    Yea, I own quite a few knives...mostly folders.

    That Winchester is probably not worth much at all, being its from 2005, and one of say...a quarter million made. Don't get me wrong, it's nice...
    just not a numbered or limited series. Like you said, use it and enjoy it.

    Here's a few I've picked up while on TDY at various locations for the DoD...




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    BTW Support Gunner...nice collection of Khukuri !!

    here's my one and only...

  7. Found my SOG Seal in the shed tonight, forgot i even had one
  8. It may be you one an only but it looks really nice!
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    Yes sir:

    Ive been a knife collector/repair man/sharpener for over 35 years. Im the "goto sharpening guru" in my neighborhood, seems its always that way. I learned the art of knife care from my grandfather. Im 47 now. Ive had some experiences w/ Winchester knives in the past. Unfortunately, I dont see alot of collector value piling up w/ them, but they make good work knives, as long as you keep 'em sharp. :)!

    Support Gunny: Who made your khuks?? Ive got a couple by Himalayan Imports and Cold Steel. All of them are great performers but the HIMIMPs are razor-sharp cleavers---oh my Lord----theyre the only knives I absolutely trust to baton w/o question.
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    I feel your pain Glockzilla.
    I'm the knife sharpening guru on my boat (uscg) and people are always bringing me knives to sharpen. I do get a kick out of their faces when I show them that with just a few minutes of work I get them hair popping sharp.
    I'll try and round up all my knives later and get a picture on here.
    Forgot what thread I was in! Winchester knives are great work knives, and that one might be worth something in 30 years or so. They just don't have a good quality steel. Now don't get me wrong, they're not junk, but they just won't get as sharp as a good high carbon quality steel, and they won't stay as sharp as long, but they do good enough. Also, they're cheap enough to not worry about wrecking them.

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