Any boresight recommendations?

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  1. Dee7976

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    Evening everyone. I wanted to ask what are the better boresights out there for 9mm? I want to adjust my sights and for a possible future rmr.
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  2. TheKraken

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  3. MaverickNH

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    The SiteLite-Laser is really great even if expensive. One unit fill from 17cal to 12g. Coupled with Ballistics Explorer 6 you can print targets that accommodate your specific ammo (bullet, muzzle velocity) and sight in your gun for any POA/POI at any distance. You point the laser at on place on the target marked with a circle and sight in on the crosshairs on the target to account for bullet drop vs straight path for the laser.
  4. SixG17s

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    SightMark is a great bore laser. But make sure you print it with live ammo after you laser it.