Any advice for a new carrier holster wise?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by shawng22, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. shawng22

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    Hello all! I'm getting used to the conceal carry life now, and I am looking for any advice on holsters. What would be a good holster for iwb carry? I am not gonna lie I am a bigger guy and carry a glock 22 gen 4. Everyone says the crossbreed style are nice, but wasn't sure. I own a Serpa blackhawk and love it however with my "size" it is a little harder to conceal lol. So any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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    I have a white hat holster for my G23 and love it. I also use a serpa but for OC. Mike P is a vendor here and makes awesome holsters. He is the owner of You should check him out.

    Here is my white hat

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  3. G-23

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    Look at SideArmor Holsters for Keydex made stuff.

    Very good product and super great service at reasonable prices!
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    Thanks for the advice I will definitely be checking them out!
  5. Glockmaster

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    Check out defensive or

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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    MikeP is the go to guy!!!!
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    Though I like and own a lot of high end horse hide holsters these days I mainly carry in Comp-tac holsters as their gear just plain works and the price is right. Comp-tac is a rock solid, established company that makes a wide assortment of holsters, mounting options of high quality with super customer service. Their build time is 3 days and they ship fast so you get your gear in about a week when ordered. I simply will not wait weeks or months for a plastic holster. Bill
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    I second the recommendation!
  9. TheKraken

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    FoxX holsters are awesome. Very comfortable and only $39. Also you will receive it in about 4 days.

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    I like my Remora holster.
    Picture from Remora website.
  11. RRoss

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    +1 on this....I haven't personally got one yet but everyone on here swears by his product. Exellent comfort and VERY reasonably priced.
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    Did you get the reinforced top or standard? and is it the ART grip or whatever they call it?
  13. Blades

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    I did get the reinforced top, but not the ART cut. If I was ordering again I wouldn't get the RFT; but the RFT is great for dry fire practice and the range. I have found that depending on the belt/pant, the RFT Remora would shift if I was slouching/laying on the couch, not a lot of movement. The ART cut would have been useful because it should have cleared the magazine release. I tried two different extended magazine releases, but both would engage.

    I'd like to get a light/laser for my G30 someday; if I do, I'll order another one, no RFT, with ART cut, and light.
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  15. Glockmaster

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    I would go with MikeP
    Or very comfortable.

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    I sure wish MikeP would answer my PM lol!!!
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    Mike P posted that he was going on a trip. I'm sure he'll answer soon.
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    Cool thanks for the heads up!
  20. I ordered a couple of Raven Concealment holsters. Hopefully they will be here soon its been about 8 weeks.