Another reason to carry a gun

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  1. as if we need one

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    Although the gun wouldn't help much against a boulder.
  4. Yea, but it helps against these types of people. Plus if you were not killed by the trap god only knows what their plans for you would be.
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    I agree with that,
  6. Wow, I mountain bike in Ogden....besides snakes and 100' drop offs I guess I should start looking for booby traps on the trails.

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    Bring out The Gimp.
  8. Way to step up and honor your name/avatar!
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    A couple more from the jackass generation. They got that crap idea from one of those "Pig Explosion" reality shows.:mad:
  10. I had to look this up to see that it is an actual phenomenon, what the duck?

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    Well, I think it is very clear from this story that we need to enact legislation to restrict access to boulder and wooden stake ownership.

    Of course, if such legislation had been enacted prior to said booby traps being deployed, this would not have happened.

    Really, the average citizen cannot be trusted with boulders and wooden stakes. If more people had them, there would be booby traps set all over the place. Imagine the utter chaos that would ensue.

    Boulder Control
    Wooden Stake Control
    We need it now!

    (my tongue is planted firmly in cheek)

    Props to U.S. Forest Service Officer James Schoeffler for catching this.

    They need to throw the book, err I mean bolder and wooden stakes, at these guys!
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    Well I guess vampire hunting season is over. :(
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    Also, in Illinois at a restaraunt in tinley today a group of about 20 hooded people ran into a restaraunt beating people with bats and hammers. once again........Conceal Carry might have stopped all the people from having to go to hospital with split skulls n such. WAKE UP ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. AMEN to that!!!
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    I'm even too afraid to have my pistol in my truck with me in IL. Everyone knows, if you get caught they will try and try and try to pin something on you for it. And it is kind of pointless anyway, because if there was a dead on threat to your life. What are you gonna do? Run to your truck, hopefully you have your keys to unlock the gun case and the key to unlock the glove box where your loaded mags are, then come back to the threat and say "ok I'm ready".
  16. I travel through IL with the legal right to carry and I still lock it in my trunk without the ammo. IL scares me.
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    Yep. Also, there is a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago that certain people can't go in. I know every state has that. But we have a lot. If u make a wrong turn and aren't familiar with Chicago. Well, you can be in a lot of trouble very quickly. And the cops out there don't care anymore. Driving my mother to university of Chicago hospital couple years ago. On the way there heard at least two seperate occasion gun shots and had to blow a couple of red lights and stop signs. Bangers drive up next to u and stare at you like they're going to jump out n take all your stuff n leave you. And if that happens, good luck. You even see some of them shaking hands with the police out there. That's why I want to carry. Because of fear for my life and my family. Oh yeah, and that was at about 1pm in daylight. I wouldn't even try going through them neighborhoods at night.

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    Are you serious!!! Geez!!! You would think they would learn by now...
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    I was in Hartford several years back with my good friend while he had to drop his mom and sister at the CT Childrens Hospital for a Dr.'s appointment (which is in an iffy part of town). As were heading to one of my favorite fast food chains (Pollo Tropical) we hear a shooting. Fun times :D.