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jayta98, Read that sign really good next time if you want a laugh. The sign specifically mentions firearms to be used in the range that are being carried in encasement's into the store. The sign has no mention of CC as it is illegal for a store to prevent you from CC'ing on their property, only ask you to leave it they see the weapon. There are no stores that are on the Place of Nuisance list as defined by FS790. (I know, I am a CCW holder in FL.)

I carry into the BassPro in Dania Beach all the time and have even made a comment to them when I first started to carry that I am armed and I do not submit to having my legally carried weapon locked. The manager told me that is no problem as long as I am a valid CCW holder and that I didn't even need to show him my permit. Where you went wrong was removing the weapon from the encasement. At that point they have every right to require it to be locked. The easiest solution would have been to place it back in your encasement and tell them no, you cannot lock my legally carried weapon.

It is just poor understanding of the law by the people that were working at that Bass Pro shop that made you go through this as they had no right to require the weapon to be locked. It is about the same as private gun shops that say no loaded weapons in the store. They are not telling you that you can't carry your gun, but that they don't wanted it loaded in their shop. I carried into a few of them all the time with my mag pulled and no round in the chamber. They all have no issue with this as long as they can verify that my mag is out and the gun is clear.
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