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Did you see the sign? I had just the opposite happened to me when I wanted to try out a BlackHawk Serpa holster at BPS.

I told the guy at the gun counter that I was carrying and wanted to try the holster. He thought for a minute and said okay follow me.

He took me in the back room and when we got there I asked him if he wanted me to clear the weapon or if he preferred to. Again, he thought for a minute and said I guess I better. So I handed him my gun, he cleared it, I tried the holster, told him I liked it and would take it.

He repackaged the BlackHawk and I repositioned my IWB holster, reloaded my gun, thanked him and was on my way.

I was very professional about it from the beginning and so was he.

On the other hand, I was looking at reloading equipment the other night (different trip) and had a bad experience with a guy that I'd never seen in there before who was a complete jerk. I let him know about it too and told him I was done with him. I got somebody else to help me and it was another great experience.
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