another place that doesn't understand CWP and offers bad customer service

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    I got to say I used to love going to Bass Pro for accesories and other stuff but today was my last day I will ever go to them. I decided to get a holster for my S&W Shield. I unloaded my gun and put it in my pistol bag. I go look for the holsters I like and bring everything to the gun counter. I tell the salesman I want to try these holsters for my gun and I will like for him to check and make sure is clear. He askes me how did i got thru the front door without getting a gun lock from the greeting person. I told him no one told me I need it a gun lock. He kinda got mad and told me there is a sign in the front that says so. I explained the person it wasn't my intent to do so but since he was so rude about that i actually have a conceal weapon permit and the gun was concealed when I came in. I'm not trying to make a big deal, I really had either miss the sign or it was small. He tells that it don't matter if I have a permit or not I need to have a lock on it. I told him he was incorrect, I can actually carry my firearm as long it is concealed by FL law. Now the store can have their own policy which is fine but you can't legally try to do anything about it unless I show the firearm in a rude or careless matter. They can only kick me out.
    So I told him if he can help me out with the holster if not I will be more than happy to leave. So he reads the holsters package and he tells me that is not listed there is not going to work. I told to please try since I was almost positive it will fit. The gun actually fit the holster. I never put my hands on the holster or firearm. Next thing I was told that he was going to put a lock in my gun and the person by the front door can remove it. No problem with me. So he comes back with a big oversized lock and there was no way I can try the gun in the holster. I mention to him that he didn't gave a chance to check the tension of the holster or to at least try it. I was told I have to buy the holster and try it out outisde in the parking lot. If it doesn't fit I can return it and try again. Are serious? So if I want to try 4 holsters I have to buy them all and then go outside and return the ones I don't like? I mean he had check the gun and it was clear. I'm in front of him and I got the holsters I want to try. According to him that the way they do it. So I thank him and told him it will be last time they see me in a Bass Pro again. Same explanation in the front when they were removing the lock. I can't bring a firearm into the store regardless of premit or not.
    It really surprise me that a store that sells firearms and hunting stuff will have this kinda of service towards gun owners. I could understand if i bring the firearm loaded and i reach to handle it to them then yes I can see that kinda of attitute. I went to Gander Mountain and some LGS and they have no issue as long as the gun is check by them and i'm in front of one of them trying the holsters out. No matter what it seems the responsible gun owners are the ones getting crap all the time...
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    That's bullcrap. At mt LGS, I just hand them my gun in the holster and let them clear it. That way if they shoot themselves it is their fault and not mine.

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    Sounds like they need a bigger sign.
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    Same here, I went in to my LGS a couple of weeks ago to have some new tijiton night sights installed on my G36. When I told the gunsmith that I needed the sight installed on my EDC, he asked for it and he cleared it behind the counter. They were fine with it. I personally don't shop at Bass Pro or Cabela's for guns or gun accesories. To over priced in my area.

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    I have always been asked to clear my own weapon outside. Other than that the lgs here have no problem with trying holsters. The big chains like cabelas, bass pro, and sportsmans have policies against this because of liabilities... I understand that they want to protect themselves from the idiots out there, but it puts us good guys in a bad spot.
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    Did you see the sign? I had just the opposite happened to me when I wanted to try out a BlackHawk Serpa holster at BPS.

    I told the guy at the gun counter that I was carrying and wanted to try the holster. He thought for a minute and said okay follow me.

    He took me in the back room and when we got there I asked him if he wanted me to clear the weapon or if he preferred to. Again, he thought for a minute and said I guess I better. So I handed him my gun, he cleared it, I tried the holster, told him I liked it and would take it.

    He repackaged the BlackHawk and I repositioned my IWB holster, reloaded my gun, thanked him and was on my way.

    I was very professional about it from the beginning and so was he.

    On the other hand, I was looking at reloading equipment the other night (different trip) and had a bad experience with a guy that I'd never seen in there before who was a complete jerk. I let him know about it too and told him I was done with him. I got somebody else to help me and it was another great experience.
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    Bass pro also hires people that think
    The G17 is called that because it holds 17 rounds. And that Glocks first name is Gustav. Hate that store.
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    I've never had a problem at either of the GA BPS stores. Never seen a sign either. Of course, the extent of my conversation with the gun people is usually "Nope, just looking". They don't really sell any holsters I've got any interest in anyway.
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    I decide to call bass pro corporate the next day after i calm down and filled a complaint. The lady was very nice and was really upset that I wasn't allowed to try the holsters. The next day i got a call from the manager at the store. He was looking for more information about the issue as he was not happy that I didn't got to try the holster either. He reassure me that they don't stop you at the front door and put the gun lock unless I request it. I told him that as soon as i had a range looking bag I was asked if I have a firearm and then to secure it. Maybe it was an employee issue but it happened before. I told him he needs to do a better job with the sign at the front door as I didn't even noticed it. As for the gun counter person he apologized for the crappy costumer service. He said he will investigate some more. He offer me to come back to the store and he will personally will take care of me and let me try the holsters. I told him that i appreciate him trying to do the right thing but I have no interest on going back. I added that I have friends that experienced the same crappy costumer service. I told him at the end is their loss. If they want to keep costumers they need to improve the costumer service at the firearm dept. He was nice and respectful but I'm not going back.
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    One Jerk can ruin your shopping experience and has happened to me many a time. If I really get chapped I tell them to get me a manager. Usually that takes care of it. I go to CABELA'S pretty regular and almost always buy something usually from the Bargain Cave. I had a bad experience with a guy in optics bit my tongue and walked off. I've had great service from the rest of the staff and good deals. If I run into that other guy and it heads downhill I'll definitely get a Manager.
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    jayta98, Read that sign really good next time if you want a laugh. The sign specifically mentions firearms to be used in the range that are being carried in encasement's into the store. The sign has no mention of CC as it is illegal for a store to prevent you from CC'ing on their property, only ask you to leave it they see the weapon. There are no stores that are on the Place of Nuisance list as defined by FS790. (I know, I am a CCW holder in FL.)

    I carry into the BassPro in Dania Beach all the time and have even made a comment to them when I first started to carry that I am armed and I do not submit to having my legally carried weapon locked. The manager told me that is no problem as long as I am a valid CCW holder and that I didn't even need to show him my permit. Where you went wrong was removing the weapon from the encasement. At that point they have every right to require it to be locked. The easiest solution would have been to place it back in your encasement and tell them no, you cannot lock my legally carried weapon.

    It is just poor understanding of the law by the people that were working at that Bass Pro shop that made you go through this as they had no right to require the weapon to be locked. It is about the same as private gun shops that say no loaded weapons in the store. They are not telling you that you can't carry your gun, but that they don't wanted it loaded in their shop. I carried into a few of them all the time with my mag pulled and no round in the chamber. They all have no issue with this as long as they can verify that my mag is out and the gun is clear.
  12. Their signs do carry legal weight in the regards they can ask you to leave (as you already know) but I can tell you almost all states require it to be clearly visible and of a certain size.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Most places do not want to have a ND or AD. So they require that any weapon that you have plans to handle in any way, except SD, to be cleared and secured. Not a bad policy, I don't blame them. Here in AZ, only place that I have gone to that checked my firearm at the door was the gun show...
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    I do the same everytime the gun has to be handled for any reason. I didn't pull the gun of the case. They did. i brought the case to the gun counter and ask them to check it before we try the holsters. They pulled it out of the case and checked that it was cleared. The mag was out and I didn't had any rounds in the chamber. I'm not trying to stretch this but that's what i got mad because they check it for me and it was clear. I agreed to the gun lock because I was thinking that he will put it after I tested the holsters or atleast the lock was going to be small enough. They just wanted me out of the store and that's fine. Like i said is their loss.
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    Wow, I feel for you. I go to the one in Richmond all the time and never seem to have any issues with them about carrying. I am going to look in the front to see if they have a sign with any stipulations on it. I don't think I would go back there anymore either with that service.
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    Jay, where in FL was this?
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    N VA
    Yes, I know this is an old thread but didn't want to start a new one.

    I'm glad to see you haven't had issues in the Richmond location. I have yet to fully read their sign but know it says something about checking weapons at the CS counter upon entering (have always assumed they were referring to hunting rifles etc). I recently received my permit and was wondering what their position was on concealed carry and have been intending to e-mail them for clarification since I go every couple of weeks and will probably be going either this or next weekend to get some camping supplies and a Father's Day gift for my husband.
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    Never mind 2 year old thread