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First off I got my classification last week.... "the big D"
My first classifier I had a failure to seat the mag on the reload. and last month I had a 75 second run do to a squib load (factory ammo too)

Saturday was my fifth match. And I did pretty good but Im ready to start speeding things up now that Im not so nervous and all.

This morning I installed a fiber optic front on my Gen4 Glock 35 finally. Shot about 50 rounds at four targets spread out wide, to test it out and I could tell the differance right away as I was shooting as fast as I could and was still in the alpha charlies. The little red dot shows up pretty good allowing me to stay on the trigger. (IMO) its almost like Im not even seeing the sights now. I see red dot on target and bam bam.

Next is a trigger job. I have a minus connector in it now, but its still not as nice as my other older Glocks. I think Im going with a ghost rocket with the over traveling stop and a wolf spring kit.

Then a mag well and mag extentions.

And for Christmas (if I can wait that long) a new holster rig and mag pouches. Im using a blackhawk serpa now....most times Im ok, but when I miss the button...I about yank my pants off...

Anyways heres the results from Saturday match. we had 26 shooters:

Competitor A26716 - MIKE BELL
Match: Local Match
Date: 8/25/12
Club: GA24 GA24
Limited, Major


Stage 1, Melody Line, HF=6.0574, place=1 (classifier)
Stage 2, Leaning Out, HF=3.2374, place=6
Stage 3, Grazing the Grass, HF=2.7518, place=10
Stage 4, Big Vee, HF=4.4166, place=2
Stage 5, Far and farther, HF=2.7273, place=4
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