Another Glock19 holster thread

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by shooterfan1974, May 11, 2012.

  1. shooterfan1974

    shooterfan1974 New Member

    Here's my new N82 Tactical IWB and my G19 "Old Black Betty"

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  2. shooterfan1974

    shooterfan1974 New Member

    And my leather OWB "KIS-Keep It Sippel" holster custom made by Walter Sippel at Leather Creek Holsters in Gainesville, GA

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  3. shooterfan1974

    shooterfan1974 New Member

    The N82 is supposed to work for all the compact or sub-compact Glocks.
  4. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    Nice. I have a N82 pro holster. How is the retention with the elastic?

    Well made holsters from some good guys...
  5. never can have too many G19 holster threads - i myself am shopping for one and like learning about all the different options - N82 Pro on top of my list currently.. id be interested in your opinions of the original version
  6. TheKraken

    TheKraken Surviving Covid-19 Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    Here is my IWB FoxX holster for my Gen4 G19. I love it!

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  7. runman

    runman New Member

    I have an N82 original for my G19. Very comfortable and well made. I'm new at this, but the retention seems good and the elastic takes the shape of the weapon after some time. No sure how it compares with other holsters since my experience is limited. The only drawback I see is trying to reholster. It's better than you might think but you have to look and use your other hand to get it back in. N82 pro would probably solve this.
  8. henerey

    henerey New Member

    ordered this a few days ago
  9. shooterfan1974

    shooterfan1974 New Member

    Retention is great, I wore it over an hour outside playing with my kids and the gun never moved. Returning to holster is not possible one handed right now b/c the elastic folds under the trigger guard. Once the holster molds to the gun, maybe that'll change. Guess everything's a trade off. The holster is extremely comfortable. And a great value.