another first time Glock owner from South Mississippi

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  1. Great to be here. Great to finally be a Glock fan. I added a G26 Gen4 to my handgun collection last month. This was my first Glock, it took a little getting use to the trigger. First 100 rounds almost gave me a blister on my trigger finger. Now, 400 rounds down the pipe, well let me just say, I can stack 'em in a nice little 2" group at 15 yards. Just found a new CCW.
  2. Awesome and welcome to the forums.

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    welcome I'm new to this forum also.
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    Hello, SigPro2022, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Good choice on your Glock there, and congratulations!
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    Welcome! It was a rough first 100 round for me as well. It was a transition shooting a Glock because it was so light! But it's awesome because I barely feel it when carrying it and it doesn't pull my pants down :)
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    Welcome! South MS Glock owner here!
  9. Yes, I'm there also. Check it almost every night.
  10. Welcome to the forum buddy!!
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    Sweet man! I run around over with the same avatar!
  12. Thanks, I'm very happy with it. View attachment 1729 Glock 26 Gen 4 Blackhawk Slide Holster with Thumb Break.jpg Glock 26 Gen 4  - Blackhawk Serpa.jpg

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum sigpro2022 !!