Another Crazy Story From Florida.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DevilDawg235, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Another reason id rather carry a gun then a taser...

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  5. FL is out of their minds and the government aint much better there
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    Personally I don't see the benefit of a civilian carrying a Taser. I think pepper spray would be for effective than a Taser so the victim could get away. A Taser is effective for 5 seconds and you have to hit the BG again to keep him immobilized, once you disconnect that cartridge you have nothing to keep the BG at a distance.
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    I'll leave OC & Tasers for the mailman... I'll show 'em what a Glock in action looks like.

    Another thing, what the hell can you do at a pier at 3 something in the morning? AND BY THE WAY, you can open carry if you're fishing or hunting in the State Of FL. I think if they would've been open carrying, the BG maybe would've thought twice before messing with them.
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    "...a man responded to taunts by drawing a stun gun, only to have a handgun and an Uzi pulled on him..." We have a winner!

    It's a good thing for all that the Uzi didn't go bang! That's a 16 year old who's going to end up dead (preferably) or in jail.