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Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by ctc123, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. ctc123

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    Anybody worn the Galco Ankle Glove for the Glock 26/27? Or ankle carried in general?
  2. laober

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    I have one, it's a nice quality holster. I try not to ankle carry unless it's a backup to my main, or if my clothing provides no other option. I don't see how I could quickly draw if needed.
    As far as the holster, if you have bigger calfs, or want to wear it over a boot, you'll need the extension, it's a tight fit.

  3. mpgo4th

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    I used to ankle carry at work with my 26 when I had one. I had a renegade cozy partner which I think is a great holster.
  4. Danzig

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    Didn't work for me with a Glock 27. Uncomfortable, heavy, didn't conceal well. I used it about a week as my BUG on duty. Carried a J frame airweight .38 for years before and after trying the Glock. I did wear over boot. Had to pull pant leg back down every time I exited patrol car.
  5. GlockIt

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    Yup, carried my Bersa Thunder .380 in an ankle holster and my S&W 340PD J-frame also. A glock 26/27 just seems a wee too big for ankle carry.
  6. I use the Ankle Glove to carry my BUG, not as primary carry option due to ease of access issues. I have Ankle Gloves for both my 26 and my S&W 642...The 26 is bulkier, but comfortable nonetheless...
  7. Levelcross

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    I have a ankle rig that I use once every few months, it serves it's purpose but I have to wear two socks on the left foot. I never have gotten used to the gun there, just feels wrong for me.