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I started not to go to the local match Saturday cause I over slept, then had to get gas, didnt eat.... It just didnt feel like it was going to be a good day to shoot.:(

Well first stage went good. Stage 2 had two strings, and was the classifier Quicky 2 (CM99-13) and it was bad from the buzzer. All because my dumb lazy butt is still using the same Blackhawk Serpa I started the first match with five months ago.:confused:

So after about yanking my belt and pants off trying to get my gun out....I shot the first string OK. Then after the reload, my weak hand part of the 2nd string was so shaky and bad I had two misses, but I really didnt miss. I hit both no shoots!!!!:eek::eek: Why I got so rattled I dont know.

So we move on to the 3rd stage and I refocused and ran it pretty good and had a pretty good run time and my hits were solid.

So on to the forth and it was big. No misses and I felt my time was OK. Last stage was 32 rounds and I felt like I could gain a bit by not trying to be fast and make good hits. In the end I felt good but the screw up on the 2nd had me thinking Id finish in the middle.

Well, here is the results USPSA emailed me :

Date: 7/28/12
Club: GA24
Limited, Major


Stage 1, Sullivan Stds - Far To Near, HF=4.1337, place=2
Stage 2, Quicky II, HF=1.5802, place=8
Stage 3, Sullivan Stds - Near To Far, HF=5.1669, place=1
Stage 4, Run Forest!, HF=4.9029, place=3
Stage 5, Angles, HF=5.3968, place=2

It looks more impressive then it really is. Theres was only about 20 shooters, however, one is a master and several are upper classed. Im still unclassified and this was my forth time. So next month when they reclassify, Im hoping for C... but if its D, I can only go upwards according to the Master class guy I was shooting and talking to.

I do know one thing..... time for a new holster!:cool:

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Good job Mike. Glad you had such a great shoot.
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