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    I've not seen anything about this here. What is a good home-defense/conceal ammo for a 22 or 27. I'm concerned about too much mussel velocity and going through my walls into the neighbor's house. Any suggestions?
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    +1 for the hornady xtp 155 gr. and remember...shot placement, shot placement, shot placement.
  4. Lol yea like a .50ae or S&W .500.

    I got on stand by for HD 200gr hornady JHP
  5. You should be fine getting any ammunition made by a reputable manufacturer that has "Personal Protection" "Personal Defense" or "Self Defense" on the box or other related materials (brochures, website, etc.). In my 23 (also a .40S&W) I have used Remington Golden Sabre, Winchester White Box Personal Defense, and Winchester SXZ ammunition. I used HydraShoks when I had a Ruger 9mm but I have never used them in my Glock.
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    I shoot Federal 115 grain and Remington 115 grain at the range but for personal protection, I go with Federal Law Enforcement HST or Hydro-Shock...

    Hope this help....
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    I like the Hornady 165gr. Zombie Max, cool box and good ammo. My Glock 22 eats everything well, but I like this ammo. As for going thru the walls into the neighbors house, I would not be too worried but hitting your target will help with that LOL.

    Just to give you an idea of what to expect watch this, [ame][/ame]
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    I've been using federal 180 grain fmj and have never had a problem. Went and shot 250 rounds yesterday and No problem at all
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    If he is living in a townhouse/condo/apartment etc all it has to do is go through to prices of drywall to be n the neighbors house.

    As a new gun owner just curious what are the Hydra Shocks and why are they bad?
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    Any insight on Magtech Guardian Gold?
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    no you don't, a fella came over and picked up my G22 that was sitting on my table and I told him "Its Loaded" OK was his reply then BOOM, the speer 40cal alum casing bullet went through my 32" LED tv. through my wall through the bathroom through the wall then through the wall again through the siding and over my neighbors house. All wall are sheetrock and as long as the bullet misses the 2X4's it is going until it has contact with something really hard or runs out of pep.
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    +1 to Tape. Go to and check out their shooting and ammo tests. I use 180 grain Federal HSTs in my Glock 22 for HD. They have the best expansion from the gelatin testings that I've seen. My primary HD weapon is my 870 20 ga loaded with #3 buckshot. I live in an apartment, so over penetration is an issue for me too, but unfortunately there's not a magic bullet that can stop a threat immediately while not going through multiple walls. Identify your target as an immediate life threat before you shoot, and make a good shot(s) at center mass. Best way to get good at that is by practicing practicing practicing. Hopefully the real thin never happens though