Ammo - What grain bullets?

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by Stretch, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Stretch

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    I just got a new G23 Gen4 and have tried some different weight rounds.
    Some of you that have had one a while and tried everything out there, what do
    you find shoots the best, in what grain? I will use it for home defense and part time carry so only the hollow point rounds are what I am interested in.
    Brand and weight please.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Stretch !!

  3. iguana0983

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    I practice with TulAmmo 180g. Put around 800 rounds in it and no problems. I use Winchester bonded JHP 180g self defense and every day carry. I keep the same grain with practice and self defense so there is hardly any if none at all a difference in recoil.
  4. bfish

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    I can't tell you I have used "everything out there" but ive shot a few differnt rounds like federal hydrashock some hornady variations etc (major brands) in 165 &180 but not really ever the 155 however I am loaded with speers gold dot 180's I think I prefer the 180 over 165 but that's my personal preference people argue about this junk all day haha they will all do damage and I feel very good about what I carry
  5. jimmyalbrecht

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    Welcome! I have a Glock 23 as well. I use the 165 grain self-defense ammo because it has been field-tested and prove by law enforcement agencies as an effective man stopper. The 180 is heavier, but doesn't transfer the same amount of energy. 155 is too light and 180 is too heavy IMO. 165 is just right.
  6. Vince7003

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    I ues hornady critical duty 175 gr it has flex lock. Its the one I feel best uesing. Oh it's a 40 cal
  7. Subs

    How is that Gen4 G23 treating you? How many rounds have you gotten through it so far?

    Anyone using Hornady Critical Defense?
  8. baccusboy

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    Different weights will likely differ slightly from each other in how they shoot out of your gun.

    Some top rounds to try in the .40:

    Federal HST 180gr.
    Winchester Ranger-T 165gr. or 180gr.
    Speer Gold Dot 180gr.

    In my opinion, heavier-for-caliber is generally better. Don't go any lighter than 165 grains. Loads lighter than that just don't penetrate to the minimum 12" necessary.

    Some good places to purchase these rounds online: and
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  9. Stretch

    Stretch New Member

    Thanks Guys, I now have some idea on what to try next.
    I do have a box of Winchester Ranger in 165gr. I will be trying it out soon as
    the weather get a little better with little or no wind.
  10. Stretch

    Stretch New Member

    I have about 100 rounds thru it now but I plan to change that, probably this weekend. The first 100, I was trying to get a feel for the gun, shooting a lot
    freehand, one hand and both hands, just pick out something to shoot at out in the woods on my Uncles place. I will try to set up something a lot steadier next time and try some different distances. No problems at all with the gun.
    I LIKE IT!!
  11. jonm61

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  12. mwpd03

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    New Critical Duty 175grn or Speer Gold Dot 165grn excellent ammo!!!!
  13. Stretch

    Stretch New Member

    Thanks for the info, Very interesting read on that link. Thanks again,