Ammo used in GSSF

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  1. Ammo used in GSSF competition

    Does anyone use reloads for their ammo during GSSF competition?

    If so what kind of bullets do you use? FMJ, JHP, Plated or Cast?
    Also if you do use reloads what do you load them at? Starting loads, Mid range or max?

    I know don't use cast in factory Glock barrels but the cast bullets from Oregon Trail (laser cast) are suppose to be guaranteed not to lead foul barrels. Also i used bulk cast 9mm in my G17 gen1 way before i knew about the cast bullet issue. Young, stupid, first time glock/gun owner plus I got a good deal on them from the Sportsmans Guide.

    I've look on the Glock Report from last year and there is nothing about reloads being illegal to use, just that its not recommended and voids your warranty.

    What about store bought?
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  2. 40caljim

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    I am using .40 cal 180 gr reloaded ammo from Bulletworx in Arkansas. They load them to USPSA specs to meet power factor. The best part is the price, $240/1,000 delivered. I can't buy shells at WalMart for that. They have 9 m/m ammo as well that is loaded to USPSA/IDPA specs also.

  3. Ok, I had hoped I would have gotten more responses on here then one especially with 65 views.
    This was posted a week ago and I was just curious what kind of ammo or reloads people might be using, I wasn't expecting it to be a big secret or if it is just tell me so.

    I trying to get an idea if I should reload for competion shooting with the GSSF or if its better to just buy some bulk ammo or maybe higher quality ammo.

    It is recommended to have a minimum of 150 rounds per division thats alot of ammo if you shoot multiple divisions in a weekend. Which can be a large expense.

    Thanks 40caljim for your reponse.
  4. Birddogyz

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    I use Atlanta Arms 117gr FMJ 9MM. They might list ammo requirements on the GSSF website. Good luck in your next match,
  5. LOL! Thanks!

    I'll need lots of luck since it will be my first. I got till June to practice, the only ones in my area without traveling a long distance is 2 in Oregon (June and August) and 1 in Washington (September).
  6. G-23

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    As a RO at several GSSF matches I can attest to many folks shooting reloads. Most of what I see is 9mm ball ammo that is jacketed. Lot's of HP stuff too.

    I shoot store bought ammo loaded much like what I carry for EDC ammo. I have tried some reloads for manufactures too and can say I was impressed. But stay away from the bargain ammo with the "WASHED" copper coatings. When I first started in GSSF like most I ws buying the cheapest I could find. Yep, leaded up a barrel pretty badly with the washed ammo and learned my lesson.

    Welcome to Glock Forum.
  7. Thanks alot G-23 that was very helpful especially about the cheap ammo.
    Now as far as the washed copper coating your talking about bullets like from Berry's, Ranier and I think its called Ariel? There may be others these 3 are just the ones I see alot of .
  8. WHOOPS!!!

    I got it, your talking about the imported stuff like from Russia. Right?
    The with the "Silver Bear"," Brown Bear", I think there are other names also.
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  9. Webphisher

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    I just use the same Federal ammo I practice with. I'm still not sure on reloads in my gun.
  10. G-23

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    I started off with American Eagle brand in a plastic case. For other brands I don't know who manuf. washed ammo anymore.

    I pretty much shoot CCI Blazer now and have never had a problem with it.
    For GSSF I would bring at least 150 rounds per entry. Then you'll have some for practice/warmup too.

    I would steer away from any bullets without the metal jacket myself.

    As for reloads, you have to find the minimum load that will shoot the heaviest projecticle and ensure a clear barrel each time. Everything else is secondary. I'm new to reloads and don't have many answers to questions in that field yet. WTS, I have witnessed many duds and squib loads with/while watching other shooters: I wasn't in the least impressed.

    I see several shooters come to the line with aftermarket barrels wanting to shoot Stock classes and that is a NoNo. Why do they do it; so they can shoot lead. Automatic bump to Unlimited class.
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  11. Thanks again this is very helpful and it gives me a good idea on what to go with and what to stay away from. I was looking at either reloading buying cheap bulk ammo but now if I buy bulk I'll look at inexpensive not cheap. I have been thinking about seeing if theres any deals on the aluminum blazer ammo since the shells will be considered lost shells.
  12. G-23

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    Many shoot Walmart ammo called the Windchester White box stuff too. Little smokie but it goes bang as long as you don't start doing a bunch of modifications to your gun.
  13. I've shot that stuff alot without any problems and its a good price too.

    Nope no modifications but i do have a KKM barrel in it to shoot reloads and reloads with cast bullets for practice. The barrel will be reomved for competition so it will be a stock gun at the matchs.