Ammo shelf life???

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  1. So... you have 500 rds of paper killing stuff and 500 rds of zombie killing stuff.

    You go to the range and shoot through your FMJ paper stuff and head home to reload your zombie killing stuff...

    My question is... how long is ammo good for?

    What is its in an airtight ammo box?
    What is its sitting on a shelf in its box?
    What is its loaded in a mag?
    Does moisture from your hands do any long term damage to the casings?
    Does load size make a difference?
    Are some calibers longer lasting then others?

    Teach me... I'm a Padawan and want to someday be a Jedi. (bountyhunter actually... Boba FTMFW!!!)

    Good lord, I hope Im not getting too old for Star-wars references.

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    Not an expert on this but I have heard ammo shelf life can be maintained for a long time if stored in low moisture, low humidity and the main substance that causes issues with ammo failure is any oil getting into the primer... Just what I heard though but I'm honestly not sure on the exact length of time... I suppose 20+ years under the right conditions stored with desiccant or humidifiers?
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    Well...I've actually have shot .45ACP ammo from WWII with no problems...

    The boxes were stored in a dry basement and in the original boxes...then in an ammo can.

    I check each one to see if there was any corrosion as I loaded the magazine. All functioned like the

    day they were made at the Frankford Arsenal in 1943. It was my Grandfathers ammo...his brother got the 1911.
  4. And now I know why my search for Ammo life didnt return anything... I suck at searches but I swear I try every damn time.

    found this on the second thread you posted... pretty much what I was looking for... That cheerysniper guy is okay I guess... we should keep him.

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    I just shot some .45ACP & .44 Magnum I handloaded (not reloads, new primed brass) in 1976. The brass was still bright, but just a bit darker from age. When I opened the can, the "ammo in a can smell" was still strong. They all worked just the way they always have, no primer duds or FTF's. The brass will go to the scrap bucket though. Metal does undergo changes on the molecular level, & I don't want to press my luck, or sell it & take the chance of someone else having a problem. I have noticed that .22's don't seem to store as well as centerfire ammo. I get a few duds when plinking with my .22lr's. More than I remember anyway.
  6. Interesting... thank for the info.