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    Okay, this might make me sound dumb, but here goes.
    Someone once told me never to shoot lead ammo with my Glock. Doesn't all ammo contain lead? If not, how do I know which are lead and which are not?
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    That is true, the stock Glock barrel has a different kind of rifleing called polygonal and it is more prone to lead fouling. This can cause higher than normal chamber pressure due to increase in drag between bullet and barrel.This refers to non jacketed bullets. Full metal jacket rounds don't deposit lead in the in the manner a un jacketed round does. Buying a aftermarket barrel such as a Lone Wolf will allow you to shoot non jacketed rounds w/o problems

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    Oh ok. As long as I shoot JHP or FMJ I'm okay, right? Thanks
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    Here are some pics. A FMJ, or Full Metal Jacket on the left. Hornady Z Max in the center, A Winchester Ranger on the right.

    All have lead inside, with a copper jacket outside.

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    Thanks guys, that explains it.
  6. If it looks like those ^^^ ie has a jacket you are fine. The person gave you paranoia that is not needed.
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    And then there's this concerning lead. I wouldn't shoot lead through my Glock. Guns are too hard to come by. I also don't dog my truck in the mud like I have done with other trucks and Jeeps when I was young and dumb and... But it would handle it if I chose to, it's just not good for it.

    I can't second-guess Brandon for doing so though if he chooses.

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    Hind sight is 20/20. When I was young and just got into guns I bought an Uzi .45 pistol as my first handgun. The Israeli guns have the same rifling as Glock and HK. Being a cheap bastard I'd run cheap lead reloads through it. After running a boatload of rounds through it I cleaned it that night. I was shocked to look in the bore and see silver bubblegum caked up in the whole bore. Not a trace of rifling was visible. I trashed a bore brush and took over an hour to clean the bore. Luckily it was a cheap lesson. Things I've learned from that session;
    Cheap reloads use cheap lead SOFT.
    When the manual says don't shoot reloads. It's not just for liability it's because of the above story.