Ammo is gone?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by helitack32f1, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. helitack32f1

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    So, just got back from the LGS. I visit every day or every other day. Buddy said he has not seen a day like this before. Now, this is a small sporting goods store in a small northern border town and he said a guy from Cabela's called (62 miles away, toward Seattle) and asked if they had any ammo. Cabela's had none left. They also stated that none of the distributors had any left.

    I bought some ammo while I was there. Got back home and informed my dad of the situation and he looked up Targetsports, where he bought his last case of ammo and there is no bulk ammo left.

    So, if you think you may need some ammo, you might wanna start looking locally. I'm kinda shocked it took this long but I guess people have taken a break from hoarding toilet paper and realized they still needed to hoard some ammo.

    If nothing else, it would sure be nice if this all ends up in a wholesale rejection of anti-gun politicians for the foreseeable future.
  2. mattm

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    sgammo has a 10-15 day shipping backlog. Usually orders ship next day. Thank God for a wife who tells me "buy more ammo" and doesn't accuse me of not that statement anyways.
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  3. Toni77

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    No problems getting Hornady ammo from (yet)
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  4. mattm

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    Got to thank the covid and biden for this. I'm sure everyone saw his "talk" with the autoworker yesterday.
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  5. Toni77

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  6. mattm

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    Just looked at sgammo again...dang, all gone. Only bulk left in 5.56 was frontier 62 grain hpbt at 40 cents a round, 500 round box. I bought a 500 round can about 6 weeks ago for 32 cents a round...canned, not boxed.
    Sitting this rush out.
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  7. Lucian_253

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    I went into local chain outdoor store today that had overpriced ammo yesterday. Today there was 40 S&W, .38 special, & bird shot. Rows of empty shelves.
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  8. Donn

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    Hate to sound like your dad, but didn't we learn anything in 2012? The panic that ensued after the Sandy Hook tragedy lasted years. Gun prices, AR's in particular, went thru the roof, IF you could find one. Popular ammo calibers disappeared for years, 22lr in particular. When things did return to normal, I said here and in other forums, that's when we should be stocking up, a little at a time, because there would be another panic. Well, this could be it.
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  9. John in AR

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    This. Regardless of the particular context we happen to be discussing, there are a lot of reasons for stocking up during plentiful times; some of them purely self-serving and some of them truly for ‘the greater good’.

    If you’re in a hurricane-prone area and already have plywood precut to fit your house windows, you not only avoid the hassle and stress of joining the herd when a storm is approaching, it means you’re leaving more last-minute stock on the shelves for those who ARE in that last-minute herd; which helps out the unprepared masses. It means you’re not adding to the supply chain stresses that the sudden herd rush creates; which means less gap in the demand & supply ratio, which helps to reduce price jumps that the herd have to deal with.

    It means that since you pre-bought, you will almost certainly have paid less than the last-minute herd, which is good for you family. Pre-buying and pre-cutting means you probably did a better job fitting and attaching it, which means you home is beter protected. That’s not only better for your family, your wallet, and your peace of mind, it’s good for the insurance companies and insurance-company customers, whose future insurance premiums will be affected by how hard the insurance companies are hit by that storm.

    Example of other ripple effects are many, but the concept is both simple and obvious: hysteria in the marketplace is (in the long run, at least) bad for pretty much everyone involved, even sellers who profit in the short term. Won’t mention any names, but we all know online sellers, local stores, gas stations, etc, that have lost long-term sales due to how they gouged during panics and shortages.

    Not to mention the purely self-serving truth that the best way to avoid getting trampled is simply to not be in the middle of the herd in the first place.

    Just the meandering pontifications of a grumpy old man... ‍:)
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  10. Firedog

    Firedog Well-Known Member

    no 223/556, .45, misc other ammo and 10K 9MM left.
  11. ZeZe

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    Glad I picked up some bulk ammo last week. Sold out online and some sites are charging 150% more for the same products. All that’s left are the 50 round boxes
  12. Lucian_253

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    I was prepared for this just not expecting it, but any excuse I suspect.
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  13. jhg

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    So what are we going to do with all that ammo when we are in the hospital or some treatment center? SHTF and EOTWAWKI prep involves ammo I understand that, but how do you shoot a virus?
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  14. Toni77

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    To shoot towards the guys trying to take your toilet paper
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  15. helitack32f1

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    If symptoms get bad enough that you are now in a hospital the obvious point is, you now have bigger things to worry about than what you have at home, unless you have people at home that still need to protect themselves, eat and thrive.

    The virus isn't the issue when it comes to guns and ammo, it is those who are desperate and/or have bought into the hysteria and want what they think you have that are the issue. And if things go truly pear shaped and the economy collapses, having means to protect what is yours becomes even more important and at that point acquiring such means may no longer be possible.

    I'm glad I have a metric pan-load of .22 but sure wishing I had stocked up on more 9mm, though I do have the means to create about 1,000 rounds on my own if necessary. And the same in .40 if I get really desperate.
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  16. jhg

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    That's funny. Are you referring to your "possibly contaminated" toilet paper?
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  17. Lucian_253

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    That’s what I don’t understand about this ammo shortage. People like I said, just use any excuse.
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  18. mattm

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    I think this isn't totally corona related. Bidens fight with the young autoworker a couple days ago...with his "you're full of sheisen, I'm pro 2A, have a 12 gage, a 20 gage, my son hunts" nonsense, along with his AR14 100 round nonsense was a call to action imo.Personally, I'm glad people responded. Beats going for toilet paper. Molon labe, Joebeto.
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  19. jhg

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    You make good points but I think most bulk ammo buyers are already pretty well stocked, I know I am.
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  20. Lucian_253

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    I forgot about that. Makes more sense.
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