Washington ammo in the Seattle area?

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by obxglock, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. obxglock

    obxglock New Member

    I am having trouble finding .40 in the Seattle area. I just moved here from NC. Any help y'all could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  2. diemonkeys

    diemonkeys New Member

    Well, if you feel like a drive, Wholesale Sports down in Lacey had a bunch of ammo over the weekend. But that was satuday morning.

  3. Power

    Power Proud Owner

    Walmart might be an option. Otherwise you'll have to find places that sell it. Bimart is good too.
  4. Butter

    Butter New Member

    Welcher's in Tacoma on Pacific ave. Had lots on Friday.
  5. Uriah30

    Uriah30 New Member

    That's ironic. I keep finding .40 in lake Stevens, Everett, and Cabelas (tulalip) and up, but 9mm is a joke to find. I was buying my glock 19, and the guy asked if I had picked up ammo. I just laughed and he sighed, "yeah, I know." Good luck!
  6. obxglock

    obxglock New Member

    Well when I posted this nowhere I went had .40. I was at cabelas the same day I posted this originally and they has none. I have since found some.
  7. sglide05

    sglide05 Very Cool Member Supporter

    Cabela's just over the border in to Idaho has ammo and Black Sheep Sporting Goods in Coeur d'Alene has plenty of ammo and reloading supplies.