ammo "deal" act fast if you need it

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by mattm, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. buddy157

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    only one line at my LGS, but it can be a the very least 3 blocks long...

    of course, i have 2 options..

    1) go home...


    2) go back the next day, 30-45 minutes before it opens, and be first in line....

    i opt for 2 all the time.
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  2. LostinTexas

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    I bought a pistol in early February. Got ammo for it since it is the only one of the caliber I own.
    Hadn't bought a gun in several years before, but the price was smoking and I had been eyeing it.
    Stopping the purchase seems to be a paradox, since you can hardly find it anyway. It's supply and demand. It will take some time after supply catches up because retailers aren't going to willingly sell for less than they paid for it.
    Patience is a virtue, and now is the time to practice it.
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  3. John in AR

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    This may be gun-forum heresy, but most of us already have more than enough ammo; at least enough for any emergency purpose.

    If you're truly low on something, I can see scrounging now. Keep an eye on ammoseek & similar sites, and good luck. But I suspect actual 'need' is rare, when we're talking about how many people are looking for ammo vs. how many actually NEED to look for ammo.
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  4. grayman

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    Come on people....."STOP" panic buying just wait It out, control yourself til next summer.
    Remember knives,machetes and swords don't run out of ammo and are cheap with "no" background check. Think about It.
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  5. NWG40

    NWG40 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well if there's a genuine need then you might checkout this lead. Optics Planet is now selling guns & ammo. Who wood a thunk it? :rolleyes:
  6. 34MOS

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    500 S&W
    Ammo I have but no weapon.
  7. buddy157

    buddy157 Active Member

    Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)Cartridge Case Material: Brass



    $31.99 (Save 25%)
    Estimated to ship within 1-4 months

    how many can wait that long..???

    this was for .45 ACP


    this is for 9MM

    Number of Rounds: 50Caliber: 9mm LugerPackage Type: BoxBullet Weight: 100 grainBullet Type: Non-Toxic Frangible



    $26.99 (Save 11%)
    Estimated to ship within 1-3 months
  8. BanjoGlock

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  9. BanjoGlock

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    But they don’t go BANG!!!!
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  10. NWG40

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    The best bet may be to purchase directly from the manufacture. Been hearing more & more of that. But if your looking now, my friend you may have missed the bus. :oops:
  11. buddy157

    buddy157 Active Member

    i am not the one looking, i was trying to basically say to the other guy that posted his link, at those prices, they can keep it.

    i think i am all set at or about 4,000 rds of just my 9 MM.....

    and sadly, only about 3500 rds of my .45 ACP.........

    not including the 2,000 rds of 9 MM brass and 1,000 rds of .45 ACP i have in bags, waiting to be reloaded soon as i get my press, vibrating tumbler, scale, measuring calipers, gauges, dies, and a case of Snickers candy bars.

    I've only been into this sport since late January, early February, and quickly set out to buy my guns and ammo, long before the crap hit the fan.....

    and no, i ain't no psychic or sooth-sayer, either......i just went "full throttle" real quick.

    except for deciding to get into reloading..
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  12. grayman

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    All depends on how hard you hit somebody with It:D and It's already quite so you don't need a suppressor for It:rolleyes:
  13. Danzig

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  14. buddy157

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  15. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I can’t legally carry my throwing knives though.
  16. Firedog

    Firedog Well-Known Member

    thats fine you have the brass what about primers , powder and bullets? I can find primers and powder but getting bullets is just like buying loaded ammo "Good Luck"
    hope you have everything
  17. buddy157

    buddy157 Active Member

    if you had actually taken the time to READ my posting, i explained it all.

    i don't even have ANYTHING related to reloading equipment....i'm saving up all the brass i shoot, and other brass, that flies over to my lane.

    i can wait, i have a good supply of factory fresh ammo.
  18. mattm

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  19. Firedog

    Firedog Well-Known Member

    yep i read that im pretty sure I understood you dont have any reloading equipment, hold on let me go back and read it again.............................................................. yep read the same thing. I was just trying to say brass, powder and primers are fairly available, the bullets are what I am having a hard time finding.