ammo Cost 9mm vs. 40

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  1. geeteeohh

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    I am about ready to pull the trigger on a G23, but also considering a G19. I keep hearing the cost of 9mm vs. 40 S&W ammo is a point to consider.

    In reality, when you guys go to the range to pratice, how many rounds on average do you go through? I just dont see myself going through a couple hundred rounds every week or two.

    The difference in cost doesn't seem too high when considering the higher quality ammo. Do most people take the cheapest rounds they can find when going to the range?

  2. fireman06

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    I don't own a gun yet at all but have shot a load if different calibers and the ammo price between a 9 and a 40 is like 2 bucks per 50 rounds. But either case is your life worth a few dollars saved on ammo? Just my opinion. But to be honest if Glock had a 45 auto in the compact size not full size or subcompact id jump on that in a heartbeat lol

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    Here's the thing, buy a Glock 23 and Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel. Buy a Glock 19 magazine, and you have the best of both worlds. 9mm when you want it and .40 when you want it. You can also shoot .357 with a Glock 32 barrel and the same magazines. That is why I bought a 23.
  4. Ogre

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    9mm is a world wide popular caliber. Will you be able to get .40 as easy as you would get 9mm in a SHTF situation? But that's another issue altogether. When it comes to self defense however the paramount issue is will you be able to hit your target? With that in mind it won't matter if it's 9mm or .50cal. A miss is worthless no matter the caliber or cost.
  5. JHC

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    Definitely hands down without any doubt the 9mm is the smarter choice.
    Cheaper training ammo
    Easier to learn to hit with fast and accurately.
    Easier to work strong hand only and weak hand only
    With premium self defense ammo it has been found to be the peer of the .40 insofar as terminal ballistics. With the one caveat that .40 and .45 heavier rounds provide better barrier penetration again auto glass and doors etc. This later is principally a LE issue. Handguns are not powerful. None of the service calibers are anyway. They are just remote control drills. Ignore all discussion of knock down or stopping power. Those are discredited concepts from the ballistic dark ages. The people who do this for a living have got this all documented around the web. Search on "DocGKR" and you can find all the documentation on one board or another. Bullet placement is paramount and that demands skill.

    If you just plan to shoot 50 rounds every month or two and are satisfied with the modest level of skill that imparts, odds are (I think) you can probably defend yourself in many situations. If you have the other components of mindset and tactics under control.

    If you really get into the art/game whatever and want to develop the skill to shoot a sub-7 second or sub-6 second FAST drill or sub-10 second El Presidente or pass "The Test" (10 shots from 10 yards in 10 seconds at a NRA 25 yard bullseye with minimum 9 of 10 in the 10 ring) you will probably need to be shooting 100-150/week minimum. For a good spell.

    btw The Test was explained by Ken Hackathorn as the entrance exam Larry Vickers created for candidates to SFOD-D for them to pass in order to remain in the unit.
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  6. JHC

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    Back to more of your OP - even 100 rds a week can provide outstanding training value but plan it and work on skill development. Not just dumping rounds without focus.

    For training there is no reason to buy other than the lowest cost fmj ammo from a major brand: Remington, Winchester, Federal, Speer, Magtech, I've been satisfied with all of those for training purposes.

    That's based on a 6-15K rounds/year habit. Depending on circumstances.

    Near where I live I can buy a 1000 round case of 9mm training ammo for under $200 right now. For smaller bite sizes, Walmart seems like a consistent good source.
  7. Where at in North GA? The cheapest deal I've found close is at GT Distributors which is 1000 PMC for $219-ish.
  8. geeteeohh

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    Hey thanks for the advice to all. I kind of like the option of a Lone Wolf barrel in a G23 - may have to do that.

    And I really appreciate the advice on putting time in at the range focusing on skill development. I started out just wanting a handgun for target practice, but lately my focus has been on carrying it for self-defense. I spend a lot of time in the woods, sometimes going alone on hikes, etc. Last year there was a grow operation busted in one of the areas I go four wheeling. The thought of stumbling across something like that has been in the back of my mind ever since.
  9. lauritzencl

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    Yeah, the barrel option is nice as it is like having 2 guns that are identical (except for recoil). I think the lone wolf conv. barrel is only like $109.
  10. JHC

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    This magnificent 10K sq foot gun store along 400 in Dawson Co. Currently Speer 115 grain Blazer is $180 for a case (1000). Everyday price of Gen 3's new is $469.99. Some great shooting guys work there. Shooters.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Like a Glock 30?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Unless your really pinching pennies, or doesn't matter.
  13. Birddogyz

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    I stop there all the time.Live in White County and work in Cumming.

    To the OP, Coin toss between the 9mm and 40 cal. I have both and shoot the 9mm more. I shoot the 9mm more because I use the G-34 for GSSF matches. I carry the 40 cal for SD. There are great rounds for the 9mm in SD loads. It is all in personal choice of what weapon you feel the most comfortable with and can shoot instinctively.
  14. rboysinmt

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    .40 cal, buy it by the case and save enough to not matter.
  15. fireman06

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    No Glock 30 is the subcompact. Glock does not have a 45 auto in compact size and subcompact is too small for my hands Glock 21 is comfortable in my hands but I don't know how well id conceal carry a g21

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    They have a G38 .45GAP
  17. fireman06

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    I've looked into that 45gap style and was told not much of a difference between that and 45 auto just a little shorter round? Any clue?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    That's what I was told too, it was developed as a shorter 45 for glock, stands for Glock Automatic Pistol, GAP.
  19. AuxSix

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    The G30 is roughly the size of the 19/23 and the G36 is roughly the size of the 26/27. The 30 is 10rds, the 36 is 6rds.
  20. randyr144

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    The G36 is a single stack and the frame size is in comparison with the 19/23 models, IMO the 30 is a compact I own the 29 same frame 10mm beast. I think the 26/27 are the only real sub-compacts. Also there isn't that big of a difference in price and availability of 9/.40 ammo to persuade your choice. I believe it's which gun fills best in your hand. These are my opinions and everybody has them.