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  1. jsimion423

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    What does everyone use? I got this for $12 along with another box of hornady Z Max ammo. Just in case lol

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  2. I use the old G.I. 30cal and 50cal cans. Long as the seal is good they're water and air tight and the price isn't bad if you shop around for em'.

  3. Right now I have 5 of the metal .50 cal cans with all my ammo in them along with a couple of those small little packets like what you get when you buy new shoes. One can for each caliber.
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  4. william488

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    I have 2 .50 cal cans I use for my ammo storage. right at the moment, im down to one of them filled, time to stock up on my ammo again.
  5. CCSir

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    I have both the old .50 ammo cans and the MTM Case Guard plastic ammo cans as well. Both work fine but MTM specifically states not to overload thiers. Not sure what "overloading" is but I can tell ya I've tried to overload a couple just to see how much was "too much." I haven't had anything bad happen other than I threw out my back trying to pick one up off the floor one day.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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  6. dutchs

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    Lawyer talk.......:(
  7. CCSir

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    Huh? :confused:
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    I use the old surplus metal 30cal cans, the 50cal cans are a bit too large in case you have to grab and go in hurry, and 30cal size holds plenty of any caliber I shoot.
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    "Overloading" Lawyer talk to protect yourself from yourself? Like the knife warning that says " Warning this knife may be sharp" REALLY!!:confused: Damn I hope so!:D They don't want sued so they say well we posted a warning......:p
  10. Yea that is one down fall. You put to much in them and them become glue to the floor cause of the weight. lol
  11. CCSir

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    Ahhh, I get it! Sorry I'm a little "slow" tonight. :D
  12. Deuce

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    Ya, also.. "Warning coffee is HOT" ... Ya, that's why I bought it!
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    Heheh "lawyer talk."

    My favorite is the claymore mines that used to read "Do not eat". At some point, SOMEONE had to have tried to eat one, otherwise, they wouldn't have put the warning on it.

    Back on topic:

    I got a huge deal on 3 of these at a recent gun show:

    The suck as ammo cans though. The open in the middle and do not have hinged tops. So you can only fill them "half full".

    .30 cal ammo cans average around $6.00 at the Oaks, PA gun show on Sunday afternoon. I"l have to pick some up in August.


    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    +1 on the metal mil-surp .30 and .50 cal cans. They're usually $7 and $15 around here, respectively.
  15. henerey

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    I use theses US military 5.56
    A can use to store 40mm gernades by the English Royal Air Force