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Ameriglo front sights, anyone try them?

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The green and orange Proglo one has caught my attention. They have one that will pair with the stock rear sight. For anyone that has tried them, did you like or dislike them, and why? Any other front sight only options that others have liked?
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I like the orange one so well that I'm going to them exclusively (along with the Ameriglo rear sight). I've got them on my my carry and my duty gun right now and as money permits I'm putting them on my spares.

I have no complaints at all with these sights.
Use the front sights on my 26 and 31, I think they are great.
Green or the orange/green? has the green for $42. I can only seem to find the orange/green through Ameriglo.
Glockworld also includes the sight tool. Is that standard, or exclusive through them?
A couple things you need to keep in mind since it looks like your just looking to replace the front sight. I assume you plan on keeping your stock rear.

1. Front sight will need to match height on rear. So if you have a stock rear the height you will need is .165

2. The ProGlo front sight is .140 wide. You will probably find that you will not have enough light on the sides of your front post due to the rear notch dimensions on the stock rear (when you aim).

3. The white on stock rear will probably begin to bother you as you shoot more because it will slow down your ability to focus on the front sight.

My opinion: spring for a complete set that you like now

Edit: Ameriglo includes front sight tool

Enter "GSSF" when you checkout on Ameriglo's website. It's at least 15% off

Here is the red/orange and lime green fronts.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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