America's Got Talent

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  1. I used to hate this show, but couldn't wait to see Howard on here. Got it on the DVR and watched it today....LOVE IT.

    Love me some Stern. As a daily listener this is awesome for me to see him on tv not drinking network kooolaid and being paid for it.
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    Man I'll have to check it out I love Howard Stern

  3. omg man it's great lol


    this one guy is super lame. his talent is to not hit his gf with a crssbow. she has ballons and crap in her mouth. Sorry not impressed do this with a compound bow that doesn't have a big scope on it. I hate that the judges are impressed by it, they obviously don't hunt.

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    I wasn't too impressed with any of the acts... Nothing really original.
  5. There were a few that were old concepts but new and original act. And You cant call a guy who turns the entire theatre into a string instrument and plays great original music unoriginal lol

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    Let me rephrase, nothing that I can see being a million dollar show. Granted there were a few original type acts, nothing that I would pay to go see...
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    Man I missed it. Do not care for the show but I am a Stern fan.
  8. I used to hate it, but he really changes the entire thing.

    I would pay to see some of them. Tonight there was a psycho dressed as an angry bird on a bike that had zero talent but he was so insane i was sad to see him go
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    So the show is a knockoff of the British programme?
  10. Not sure you can call it a knock off since Simon owns and runs them both.
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    Ahh, I never watched either but I hear a lot about BGT on the interwebs, I wonder does anyone here like Eurovision?
  12. New one on tonight! I'll have to DVR it.

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    You see that guy busting his balls?
  14. When? I watched Monday and Tuesday dont recall that.

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    CINDER BLOCK and sledge hammer…

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    this guy… [ame][/ame]
  17. oooooooooh i thought u meant busting howards balls. yea that dude if nuts no pun intended. according to what howard hinted at on his show yesterday that guy does a whole act of it in vegas
  18. I'm sad to see the bikini bombshells bomb