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    Saw this on my favorite tactical blog… figured its worth sharing… I kinda like it, if I had the money...

    Houston Police Officer Brian Hoffner has created a new line of clothing called American Tactical Apparel. According to a report on Houston’s KSDK -

    “Pants cost $150 a pair. They include 15 pockets, including one on the side that’s large enough to fit a handgun.

    “I have a full-size GLOCK on. If I need it now, I simply pull down this tab and I draw my GLOCK and I’m ready to defend myself,” said Brian Hoffner, founder of American Tactical Apparel. “Nothing’s pulling anywhere. It’s totally comfortable. And a full-size gun concealed. It’s a necessity. Fifteen pockets for tactical use. For rifle mags, pistol mags, phones, cameras, ammunition, whatever you may need.”

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    Thanks for sharing the link...


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    Here is a picture for those that don't like clicking links… and a video…



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    I actually like the look of the pants and shorts for the most part. I can't stand that little zipper in the front. I have a pair of regular shorts with that and hate them. And the denim color is too dark a blue. If they lightened the color, lost the zipper and brought the price down $100 I'd buy them. I can see $50 for a pair but not $150. Maybe I'm wanting them for too little but I'd buy 3-4 of each and that requires better pricing.

    But the design seems really wel thought out. Wish I could find them at kohls. I'd love to see a department store carry weapon-friendly clothing. After all they carry Paris Hilton and the kardasian ding-a-links, why not something I could use...
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    Humm I wonder what my Tailor could do with some of the pants I already own to make something like these!

  6. I would LOVE to see gun carry apparrel in my local Big Blue or Big Red box store! But I still wouldn't pay $150 for those pants.
  7. They are UGLY!!! Like my grandpas pants ugly.

    Save the $150 and get a nice holster instead.
  8. $150 is like four holsters lol
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    LOL!I very much agree with your point of view
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    The 15 pocket thing sounds good at first, but... If I have a space it's likely I'll stick something in it. Have to be careful or I'd end up walking like the tin man.
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    Interesting concept but like others I'll just watch it for now...