American Eagle ammo

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  1. Glock897

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    Would you consider AE a good or average ammo. I'm trying to find a good ammo at a good price and stick with it rather than bouncing around.
  2. I buy it when it's on sale and it's good ammo for general purpose shooting

  3. runman

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    I bought a case of it and have shot about 600 rounds without a problem. Shoots fine, no clouds of gun powder and makes a fine hole in a piece of paper. I'm new at this, but I haven't been able to tell one brand of ammo is any dirtier than another (only used about three different brands) as I've heard others speak of. I would recommend it.
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    I have shot it and it shoots fine. The only two I would stay away from is the Fiochi ammo as the powder is extremely dirty compared to others ,and the CCI Blazer ammo in the aluminum cases. I shoot a lot of the Georgia Arms ammo and it shoots good too. I can get at a decent price and shoots good. I buy it local no I pay no shipping but I get the "canned heat" of 500 rounds at a time. Look at
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    I am getting American Eagle 9mm ammo for roughly $11 a box right now (when I buy 1000 rounds) which is pretty good. I haven't had any issues with the rounds but subjectively they might a be a little dirtier than some. I don't have any numbers to back that up. Overall for target shooting I go with the cheapest available brass (I give my empties to a friend who reloads).
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    It's the only ammo I use in my 9mm and I use the 556 in my m4. I have had no problems at all. Also I get 50 rounds of 147 gr. for $9.00. Since my self defense ammo is 147 I like to shoot 147 for practice.
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    I run AE through my G30SF for practice and IDPA matches. AE ballistics are the same as my SD carry load, Federal HST, so I know I get the same "feel" every time I press the trigger. AE and Federal are both owned by ATK anyway.
  9. Ive never had problems with AE ammo. It's what I buy for general shooting.
  10. Have you tried these? Price doesn't seem too bad bullet is light though
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    Good ammo. Have a case of 230gr 45acp and a case of 180gr .40 in it.
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    Just do yourself a favor and ensure you are getting FULL METAL JACKETED bullets.
    AE used to make a copper-washed bullet that while it looks like FMJ it melts in the barrel leaving plenty of lead behind. Besides affecting accuracy it can cause the gun to blow up....:eek:
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    I have shot AE in both my G17 and G23 never had a problem and it shot well. I usually just get whatever is cheapest in brass casings since the indoor ranges around here wont let you shoot anything in steel. And I refuse to buy any reloads from anybody, I don't like increasing the chances of blowing my face off.