Almost used deadly force just now

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  1. Luckily, I did not have too.

    I was at Walmart just a little while ago, and while loading my stuff in the car I heard what I thought was a woman screaming for help. I turned and two rows over was a man in a white shirt who had a kid no older than 10 or 11 on the ground.

    I immediately ran that direction, to see blood on the pavement and the man driving his elbow and arm on the childs throat. I instantly screamed to get off of the child, and drew my Glock 26 taking aim. The man lifted enough to present a clear shot on his chest, keeping his hand on the boys throat and told me to "back off".

    I warned the man this is your last chance get off of the child or I'm going to shoot you. The man began to yell back so i screamed "LAST CHANCE MOTHER *****".

    The guy let go of his wrist and i held him there for police. Turns out the guy was some idiot loss prevention officer, plain cloths not that it matters one bit. The kid was accused of stealing, which he had not done. He was going out to the car to get his moms purse for her.

    The police thanked me, made some random comments about next time shoot him, and ultimately arrested the man for aggravated assault on a minor.

    Glad it didn't have to go the other way.
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    thank god you were not harmed.
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  3. dutchs

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    Well done.
  4. glocknloaded

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    Holy crap! Glad it all worked out!

    Are you in law enforcement? I ask because I am curious if your off duty can you declare yourself as an "off duty officer let the boy go!" just a curious question.
  5. let go of the kids neck i mean, no wrist.

    Thanks guys, man does that get the blood pumping.
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    I bet! Takes a while to come down from that!
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    Good on you. Glad it turned out well.
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    Good job NUK, way to go! That kid probably didn't want that dude smoked on top of him. Glad he chose to quit beating the kid instead of taking rounds to the chest.
  9. I'm private sector. As far as i'm concerned i said enough, i think he got one warning too many but i admit the last warning was a little bit of legal self preservation. Had it been another tenth of a second till he let go it would have been a very different ending.

    Training is key ladies and gents. Prior to the very last warning my training gave me the discipline to take up the slack on my 3.5pound trigger and hold there, ready to act. It gave me the ability to control my breathing, steady my hands, and remain calm.
  10. u on cherokeeforum?

    I actually didn't think of that until you just said it, would have been quite traumatic for the boy.
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    I think you handled it great! I was just curious that's all.
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    Yes I am. I seen some old pics of ur Grand doorless. Looked good. I get funny looks with no doors on my XJ.

    I could only imagine how that kid would have felt. Would have freaked me out.
  13. I miss her, wildspear has it now I sold her to him before i moved to MO.

    I popped on there a few months back, was sorry to hear Brian died.
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    Good job on handling the situation and keeping your cool, give yourself about 5-6 hours for your heart beat to go back to normalish levels.
  15. yep and them comes the extreme tired, shakes, and mental weight lol
  16. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    See your already starting to feel better lol

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Woah!!! Good Job Nuk!!!!!
  18. Nuk, so glad to hear you happened to be there, that the kid was spared a further and unjustified beating, the aggressor got arrested, and you didn't have to shoot anyone. Well done, sir!
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    Way to keep your composure .
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    Loss prevention = wanna be but never gonna be cop lol