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    Have a Kel-Tec .380 that I carry all the time IWB. It has a little pocket clip on it that makes for great ccw. BUT I am a HUGE Glock fanatic. I have been considering the Glock 36 .45 ACP Slimline as a replacement. I understand that Glock Also has pocket clips that you can attach to fit IWB. My question is if anybody carries a G36 like this or If anybody has them how well they like them. My Kel-Tec has failed me several times and needs to be gotten rid of.
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    While I Carry a glock .40. A friend who is a TINY petite little girl carries a Glock 36. She is about 5'2" 100 lbs. she usually carries hers in a cross body purse like a Kavu.
    Also there a pocket clips available called the Quick Clip if I'm not mistaken. If you are into minimalistic CC such as the Quick Clip, give a look at the Glocktech MIC holster. It covers the trigger guard while the pistol is stowed IWB

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    The clip you refer to is called a "clipdraw" and is manufactured for several different kinds of guns. When used with a Glock, the MIC holster is a must, for protection of the trigger.

    I have a friend with a G36 but she put a Hogue grip on it, completely defeating the purpose of the narrower profile.
  4. yea why get a 36 to put a grip on it lol
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    Well on my keltec I just have it clipped on to the inside of my pants. No holster. I had planned on doing the same thing w the G36. I can't
    Stand a holster IWB.
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    Have you tried a crossbreed supertuck. They are amazing. I can wear it for 12-14 hours and not even realize its on. I have wore it on a 10 hour car ride and still no issues. Just a thought
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    If you're going the clip draw route, you may want to check out Mike P's MIC. (Vendor on the forum- He calls it a "Pinky Thingy". Might as well keep it in the family.:)
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    Clip draw. Thanks sniper, had a brain fart earlier.
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    I carry my G30 sf with the MIC. It is very comfortable and the lanyard keeps it from going too low in the waistband.
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    Trigger thingy

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    Thanks for correcting me iGlock. I have no idea where "pinky" came from. Brain Fart!!!:eek:
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    Lol its all good man.
  13. Agree with suggestions to get a trigger guard sheath 'trigger thingy' if you are going to carry IWB using a clip. Why risk shooting yourself or others around you by accident because you didn't have the trigger covered?

    Can't speak for other CCW holders, but this one would be grateful if you showed some responsibility and courtesy for those around you by covering that trigger.
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    Every Glock needs done sort of "underwear." whether you decide on getting a full-leg brief granny pantie cut or a Brazilian thong, the safety feature on the trigger requires modesty be observed. Cover your bits, ladies and gentlemen.
  15. If youre interested in a MIC holster, speak with Mikep here on the forum... his are just as quality as glocktech and much cheaper. Ive ordered 2, one for me and another for a friend and we both love them.

    You can actually carry without the clip with a MIC... below is a picture. You loop it through your belt and it hold the pistol where you want it based on the adjustments you make to the lanyard.

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  16. okay... remind me to read the thread before I try to help.
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    I read it and only retained the part where ODGREEN mentioned a Brazilian thong. :D

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