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  1. thanks to havasu not knowing how powerful his index finger is we have to redo all this:p

    I want to give our supporting members first shot before listing it in the general public.

    I have a Aimpoint Pro that has not seen much use but a few times to the range, it has a rubber coat so it may look odd but it is genuine Aimpoint. I want $350 shipped, they run about $420 + shipping. Any questions please ask.
    The pictures with the dot is shot through the sight to show it is working properly, If you see another picture while looking through any reddot and it looks like something other than a dot take a picture of it with a digital camera, when I look through it the dot looks like a pyramid because of my old eyes.
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    Sorry Uncle Lawrence. Can you see how powerful my middle finger can get when it is pointing in your direction? :p

    Good luck with the sale! I love those Aimpoints!

  3. LOL, thanks for a great laugh!:D