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Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by shaker223, Jun 18, 2012.

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    My wife (the liberal) made a statement about how most all law enforcement agencies are against CPL/CCW. I pointed to several recent articles and such that showed otherwise. Of course she was in denial about it.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a list some where of agencies...etc. that support CPL/CCW. ( I know this will still not convince her)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure of a list, but I know from talking to them Denver PD apparently really likes it. We spoke to a DPD officer after a break in, no one was home yay for alarms doing their job, and he said that most Denver cops are pro gun owners in their district.

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    Have her read the book More Guns, Less Crime.

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    From where is she forming her opinion?
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    I would guess The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos. MSNBC, The New York Times. etc. It's an easy story to write, if you want to stack the facts. You can do a bit of research. Locating a few Chiefs, Sheriffs, Dept. Heads, that are on public record as against CCW is a piece of cake. Conducting 10 min interviews over the phone, asking questions like "Can your Dept. protect the citizens"? "Or should they buy a gun & do it themselves"? Make 5 calls, then write it like this:

    The Majority of Police Departments (5 of 6), I interviewed, in different parts of the Country, were strongly opposed to CCW. It will be true, kinda.

    Chiefs & Heads of Departments can't speak for their officers own personal opinions, but it sounds like that. They're really usually pandering to a liberal electorate that hold a majority in their area. And of course, picking liberal, anti CCW Chiefs to interview is stacking the deck, or cheating. But there isn't much fact checking going on anymore, so anyone can write pretty much anything, & get away with it.

    It's just red meat for anti-gun liberals, and they gobble it up. And love to spread it around too. Of course you don't go to The Daily Koz, or The Huffington Post to get the news. You go there to be told what you want to hear. Journalism Is Dead as far as I'm concerned.

    Anyway, most liberals don't form their own opinions, the just find opinions that fit what they want to believe, and adopt those. Gotta love talking points.
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    Thanks guys for your input. In my preliminary research, I've found a mixed bag of yea/nay. I've spoken with a few individual officers in my travels and they are for CPL/CCW however, as we know it is the chief who gives the "official" statement.

    My wife bases her opinion on what the liberal media tells her (even if I still show her documented facts by reliable sources that prove otherwise).

    I guess it is still George Bush's
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    All I can say is GOOD LUCK to ya fellow conservative!! Just know you are fighting the good fight! PERIOD!! End of Story!!
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    Part of the problem is the various "chief's" associations seem to come out against it. You can bet, if the city's mayor is a member of the Mayor's against (illegal?) guns organization, the chief will be anti-carry.

    What I find, anecdotally, from reading various stories from both liberal and conservative leaning sites, is that most big city departments, either via their senior brass or spokesperson, come out against it, while more rural departments come out for it. By "big" city, I'm talking about NYC/Chicago/LA-size cities (I realize those are all liberal cities, but you get the idea). There are, of course, smaller "big" cities that will come out against. Considering the violence level, I wouldn't be surprised if Atlanta PD is publicly against, though that's certainly not a popular opinion in Georgia; statistically, Atlanta is the only major "liberal" cluster though, which is not surprising considering our ghetto is probably larger than any other whole city in the state...

    This would definitely be an interesting topic to bring up to the various state carry organizations, Georgia Carry, Florida Carry, etc, to see if they have/would do a survey of various departments around the state.