A historic county in Northern Maryland has leaped into the 21st century by retiring not only their old Glock 19s, but moving to new full sized models with Steamlights.

The county

Carroll County, Maryland, pop. 167,000, abuts the Pennsylvania line and, during the Confederate invasion of that state in the summer of 1863 that halted at Gettysburg, a small but important cavalry charge occurred in county seat Westminster when two companies of the 1st Delaware Cavalry led by Captain Charles Corbit rushed headlong into Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart's horsemen, causing the swashbuckling rebel to halt his men overnight which deprived Lee of vita intelligence on the eve of the pivotal battle.

With such an important moment in history already behind them, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office made a little history of their own this month by consigning their old method of tactical light use to the past.

The deal

The 265-member CCSO, whose founding in 1837 pre-dates the Civil War, just made a move to trade their longstanding tactic of issuing an otherwise stock G19 and requiring an officer to use a separate light in a Harries or other style grip, and upgraded by moving to a Glock 17 with onboard rail-mounted light.

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Image via Carroll County Times

"The prior weapon system that we had provided to our deputies, the oldest gun we had was roughly 25 years old, so what we've done is we've given our guys the latest technology," Sgt. Mark DeBord told the Carroll County Times.

Agency representative Cpl. Jonathan Light (is that a trick name for this article?) seemed to really dig the new lights, saying, ""It's certainly going to make for a safer environment for us being able to have the light with the weapon system. It might make things a more stable platform for us should we find ourselves in the situation where we need to use our firearms."

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Image via Carroll County Times

Its not mentioned just what Steamlight Carroll County is going with but an image shows a 4Gen Glock 17 with a TLR-1 HL which is a pretty sweet choice. According to specs from SL, it's a 630 lumen with 12,000-candela peak beam intensity with a 1.25 hour regulated run time that only adds about four ounces to the gun itself.

The lights were apparently purchased through a combination of federal grants for the lights while forfeited drug funds paid for the new weapons. For officers such as detectives and SWAT (we are guessing for off duty or plainclothes assignments) the agency also picked up some G26s for those times when a G17 with a TLR-1 is just a skoosh too large for IWB under a Ravens T-shirt.

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