Agency Arms Drop-in Trigger - no longer includes Ghost connector?

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  1. Blam1

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased an Agency Arms trigger for my Glock 17 gen 3 and I noticed it didn't include a Ghost connector/minus connector. I reached out to AA and they responded back that it no long includes them and that they recommend utilizing the OEM minus connector.

    So, my question is, has anyone tried an Agency Arms trigger with the OEM minus connector? How is it? I'm assuming that if using the OEM minus connector, the pull weight will be about the same as a stock Glock trigger. Is there anything difference about an Agency Arms trigger without ghost connector other than looks? Would the pull be smooth? etc. Any helpful info is greatly appreciated!
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  2. Southlake

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    Welcome to the GF.
    I have had some experience with AA triggers. I find them to be to thin for me as I prefer a fat trigger. With that said, they always included the Glock 34 connector. The Glock 34 connector is a great oem minus connector. I prefer the ghost edge but to each his own.
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  3. Blam1

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    Thanks for the quick response and the welcoming to GF. Yeah, it seems that YouTube and other sites had mentioned about how smooth the AA trigger is with a ghost connector. Sadly, the new triggers do not include them anymore. So I'm curious of how this trigger will perform without an aftermarket connector.
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  4. Southlake

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    I believe the AA trigger pre pulls the trigger slightly making the pull shorter. But it will be the same weight. You can buy a G34 connector everywhere. But Bob can say more precisely, once he reads this.
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  5. rbbeers

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    Jim is correct on all points. :)

    The Agency Arms trigger shoe reduces overtravel just a bit as well.

    The reduced pretravel and overtravel is accomplished with the shorter trigger bar slot in the shoe... which reduces the forward and rearward movement of the trigger bar.

    The G34 trigger connector is the Glock '-' connector (PN 721).

    The trigger pull weight should be about 5.5 lbs with the standard connector... and about 4.5 lbs with the '-' connector.

    Best regards,

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  6. Southlake

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    Thanks Bob! :)
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  7. Danzig

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    Myself and a friend had Ghost connectors that were problematic. Used a factory Glock minus and everything was 100%.

    I suspect Agency Arms has a number of complaints and dropped the Ghost connector for the same reason.
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  8. Blam1

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    Thanks everyone for your input. I think I will try both with and without a Ghost connector. I have a ghost connector on my G19. I'll be installing the AA trigger on my G17.
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  9. Olga17

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    I've turned several people on to Lantac.
    Ultimate spring kit w/connector SSR3.5
    This amounted to about the best $27 dollars ever spent.

    Pre-travel reduction still required pinning the ejector housing and modifying the trigger safety.

    And of course taking "hump" out of the trigger safety.
  10. Hollow-Point

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    I run Agency triggers is all Glocks. I also use the Black Yikes 3.0
    Connector. Great feeling trigger. Just my $.02....