after market trigger thoughts??????

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by joe sevigny, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. ZeZe

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    Apex trigger with oem minus 3.5 connector
    Thank me later
  2. miniman

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    i like flat triggers this one is sweet.i dont care what johnny says. IMG_0102.JPG
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  3. KELSW

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    I like Overwatch Precision flat face and they have a poly flat face for a very reasonable price .
  4. I have a Kineti-tech Glock trigger black w/ a red safety plunger, I think I paid 79 and change for it, very easy to install, plug and play.
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  5. rbbeers

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  6. My Kineti-tech has worked flawlessly for a few years now, I opted for the complete unit w/ the unpolished trigger bar, no slop here.
  7. Also when I bought mine the fifth gens weren't even out yet. I guess to each his own.
  8. rbbeers

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    Depending on just how old your trigger shoe is, you may, in fact, have a 'pre-Gen 5' trigger shoe... which, as shown in the video Kineti Tech Angled Flat Faced Trigger, dated May 18, 2017, is a true Gen 1-4 shoe.

    Furthermore, it's easy enough to identify which trigger shoe you have, simply refer to the picture in Kineti-Tech Gen 3 and Gen 4 trigger shoes.

    That's not the issue... 'reliability' is.

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  9. adc100

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    I had the Ghost disconnector installed. I like it. Has not lowered the effort much but smoother.
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  10. outalyne328i

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    Agency arms is the way to go! Plus the custom aesthetics also a plus!
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  11. Bayou

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    They do make good stuff; but pricey. Gotta pay to play I guess. I sure like their minimalist magwell.
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