After market Glock trigger system

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by dlff, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. dlff

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    Hi guys,
    Can anyone tell what is the best after market trigger system available? There are do many in the market & I can't name them all.
    I want a light & sweet trigger pull.
    Cheer mate!
  2. nyycanseco33

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    -10 points for spelling in the title lol, just kidding bud :)

    I suggest changing the recoil and trigger springs and the connector but it depends on what model Glock you are doing it on... I have also heard many people changing to a lighter recoil spring and lighter connector but then adding the NY-1 trigger spring to make it more crisp and less slack in the pull... I have only heard these upgrades being used but never experienced it for myself... Others here may know more about this and can help out more than I can but hopefully I have helped point you in the correct direction, keep us posted on what you find out and any upgrades you decide to do :)
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  3. glock34scout

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    I just changed mine on myG34 to a challenger by Awesome trigger. Great service. Comes with new drop in trigger group, new lighter striker spring, and new plunger spring. About $150 shipped. Got mine in 3 days. Now with all that said this is a competition trigger only. But they do have carry triggers also
  4. dlff

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    Hi guys, Thanks for all your replies to my topic. I have found an aftermarket Glock trigger system by GhostInc. Is called the Rocket 3.5lb disconnector. Anybody has any experience with this disconnector?
  5. david1962hd

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    Yes Sir I do. I have the Rocket connectors in both my glocks and love them. Light and smooth just like I like any trigger. The only thing is, its not a drop in and go to working type deal, you have to fit it.
    You will take your pistol apart several times before you get it right.
    Get the kit that comes with the springs. Trigger, firing pin and safety plunger springs.