After Market Glock Barrels

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    I've seen them advertised but never bought one. Is there a reason I should be looking into after market Glock barrels? Is there really a difference that makes it worth the expense?
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    I have a friend with a Dragonfire extended comp. barrel for his G17, I put in mine and the compensated part is ok but I don't think it makes the gun much better. Louder though!

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    I am looking into a Lone Wolf in .357sig for my 23. I have asked around and it seems the consensus is they are both affordable and recommended.
  4. I have seen Lots of Videos where a LoneWolf barrel is better on a 10MM than the factory Barrel . The factory Barrel let the bullet tumble where the Lonewolf kept it from tumbling as bad ill get a link on youtube to show ya
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    "Remember a Kimber is what you show your Friends a Glock is what you show your Enemies."

    my thoughts exactly
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    Most aftermarket barrels allow you to shoot non-jacketed ammunition. Glock OEM barrels are jacketed ammo only.

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    Lone Wolf is A Good Buy

    LoneWolf makes great products i do not work for them nor do i recieve any special pay from them i am merley a satisfied customer i have a 40S&W-9mm conversion barrel for my G27 and i have never had a problem with what so ever great quality rock solid
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    I have been totally satisfied with every barrel I have ever used from LW. They make quality.

    Money well spent and their CS is top notch.
  9. SpeedRock

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    KKM & Jarvis.....

    Have had & have, many KKM bbl's.

    One, in a much modified competition G34, even easily withstood a round fired slightly out of battery that perforated the case wall right above the case web, plus blew-out the primer and turned the case head into a V. distinct oval.

    Required more than tapping with a gunsmith's hammer to remove the bbl. from the slide but with minimal dressing with a fine file the bbl. was made serviceable again and still is as accurate as when new {& broken-in}

    It had around 45K of Match Handloads thru it at the time, {over 5 yrs. ago} yet still see's no retirement looming, anytime soon !

    Also have a Jarvis but it has neither seen the use or time that the various KKM's have.

    a 2nd. Gen G20 has a KKM .40 bbl. in it, mostly for Gun Games and the plentiful 1xF'd brass.

    Makes the .40 at Major PF real fun to shoot !
  10. Iskonhxc

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    Big reasons for aftermarket barrels are(depending on what barrel you're looking at) improved accuracy, the capability to shoot non jacketed lead as mentioned above, and threaded ends to attatch accessories like compensators, flash hiders, and silencers. I have a threaded match grade barrel from LWD. It fits just like it should and I've never had a FTF FTE or any other problem(700-800 rounds fired through it so far).
  11. DVCguns

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    My LoneWolf threaded 9mm G17 barrel dropped in and has shot 100% since day one. I'd buy again.

  12. Free I Love My Glock Brand Tuning/Competition Spring set with any order

    I am looking for reviews on GF please.

    I cannot sell barrels on ebay or Amazon anymore. Time to clean house.
    $100 each $5 shipping/ only available in stainless.
    17threaded (1) $100
    22threaded (5) $100
    27threaded (2) $100

    21Tact threaded (1) $100

    21 Tactical (1) $100
    20 Tactical (1) $100

    17 ported (1) $100

    17 (5) $100
    19 (2) $100
    26 (2) $100

    Conversion Barrels
    31 (4) $100
    32 (3) $100
    229 ported (1) $100
    239 ported (1) $100
    279 ported (1) $100
    229 (7) $100
    239 (7) $100
    229threaded (1) $100 SOLD
    279threaded (5) $100
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    Afermarkeet Glock BBL's......

    "Is there a reason I should be looking into after market Glock barrels? Is there really a difference that makes it worth the expense ?"

    Unless you Hand-Load or don't mind buying Match or the "Best" Self-Defense ammo to shoot for accuracy, probably not ?
    But conventionally rifled BBL's allow one to shoot lead bullets and *MAY* be more accurate with Some plated bullets.

    That said have used {& still have} both "fitted" and "Drop-In" BBL's {made to tighter tolerances than OEM} that were noticeably more accurate, but not at normal pratcie distances.

    Really did not show a marked improvement in groups until out at 50 yards, even offhand. That was with the better projectiles from Speer, Sierra & Hornady.

    Best advice is to see how accurate the stock BBL. is at the various distances with better ammo & preferably hand-loads with known, more accurate powders and the better mfg bullets, usually being JHP's.
  14. Model22

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    I got my barrel off of Glockstore from Bar-sto. A bunch of my buddies out here at the mine recommend them to me so i bought one and had my local gunsmith seat it into my pistol for me, I have about 1000 rounds through it now and it works like a dream, shoots a little to the right... but i have an adjustable rear dovetail to compensate for that ;). What these guys are saying is correct, Aftermarket barrels increase accuracy for jacketed... and they allow you to shoot hand loads (straight lead) with out screwing too much **** up! the rifling in the aftermarket makes the bullets fly straighter at further distances... while the octagonal oem barrels from glock are better for groups at shorter range...

    That has been my experience with my barrels anyway.
  15. IMO Lone Wolf is the best bang for your buck. The other brands are equal in quality - I'm sure, but never owned them. I have a conversion barrel for my G20 to .40 S&W - love it! Eventually I'll get either a ported or longer 10mm Lone Wolf barrel and sell the OEM Glock one. I like that I can shoot lead reloads out of the LW barrels.
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    LW barrels

    One big difference between an OEM Glock barrel and an aftermarket is the chamber tolerances. My Lone Wolf barrel has a much tighter chamber than the factory Glock barrel. Alot of reloaders have problems with their fired .40 cal cases having the "bulge" that is common with most .40 cal Glock OEM barrels. With the chamber tolerances of the aftermarket barrel being much tighter the case has less room to expand. The difference is a few thousands but it does make a difference. An empty fired cae from my G35 OEM barrel will drop right back into the chamber. But if I try to drop the same case into my LW barrel it won't even start into the chamber.
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    Do the parts you have perform adequately for your intended use? If not look at aftermarket parts. If yes, why bother? I don't shoot unjacketed ammo and my stock barrel puts holes where I point the gun, so I'll keep my factory barrel.
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    Can't find any .22 conversions for the sub-compacts..... Aggravating!
  19. None available to my knowledge. Best bet would be to find one for a full size or mid sized model and have the barrel professionally cut down to the sub compact length.
  20. SpeedRock

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    *All* 1 X Fired Pistol Brass Worth Loading ?

    "....Reloaders have problems with their fired .40 cal cases... the "bulge"... common with most .40 cal [XXX] OEM barrels. ...chamber tolerances of the aftermarket barrel being... tighter... difference is a few thousands... An empty fired case from my G35 OEM barrel will drop right back into the chamber. But if I try to drop the same case into my LW barrel it won't even start into the chamber."


    Have had KKM "Drop-in" or Jarvis 'Fitted" Bbl's. for almost all the Glocks have owned over the years. {All obtained before LWD began producing/importing A/M Bbl's., FWIW}

    Generally speaking, the hand-loads developed for the 9, .40, .45 [& .40 for use in a G20] with KKM .40 Bbl. used 1 x Fired cases from non-Glock guns.

    All hand-loads were/are checked in a commercial chamber-check gauge as even the superb Redding crimp dies used in own Dillon 550's {or 650} don't always come off the presses sized well enough to "pass" chamber-checking with the L.E. Wilson gauges Dillon sold 15+ yr's. ago. {Now use only EGW's as they are hand reamed with good, i.e. "with in-tolerance", Clymer reamers}

    They even have multi-"hole" blocks that are faster & more economical than the single SS items from Wilson, etc. {Also have noticed one [much-later acquired] Wilson 9mm gauge was [& still is !] at least .001" tighter than the original one purchased.} Believe the EGW items are more uniform and exact, if only as done by hand.

    Also tried both the Lee FCD & EGW's "U-Die" in 9mm which DO work very well in terms of getting the sized ammo to "pass", tho' there are cases that just will not cooperate, seemingly no matter what one tries, to get them sized properly before loading or as finished hand-loads, so they are summarily "executed" with a pair of "Vise-Grips" only so they are kept out of the loading rotation once & for all ! Keep them in a good-sized can "on the bench" as a reminder to the fallibleness of handgun brass in general ! On that note, am seeing many more pieces of 1 X Fired, coming thru with long longitudinal splits {probably due to improper heat-treating ?} than ever before, from the major ammo mfg'rs.

    The Beauty of the FCD is that it will return ammo on-the-press, to being "re-sized", if that sizing may have been compromised by your machine since it left its resize die ! {In most or many instances}

    The ans. to .40 cases is Redding's new "push-thru" sizing die, yet it will probably NOT "cure" a bulged-at-the-feed-ramp case coming from an oversize or slightly over-sized chamber ? Does require using a standalone press {should probably have a good SS press anyway just for uses like this and removing mil-crimps, etc.} used or new with the exc. Hornady type collets ! {if worth the $ to you ?}

    Again FWIW, the VG Lee FCD {"Factory-Crimp Die"} doesn't last forever as it's aluminum but is quite inexpensive and the EGW "U-Die" {an undersized Lee re-sizing die that they also face the mouth of, so may position it as close to the shell-plate or holder as possible. Believe EGW orders them .001" under ? {you may order direct from Lee, made undersized to your own dimension, within reason !} & they turn the mouth down themselves.

    While these may be used in a progressive, it's probably best to use the "U"-Die in a standalone, Single-Stage, so it's only done once or the 1st. time after the brass is "1 X Fired", to your gun ? Even the FCD may be used like this if one uses their bbl or any of the commercial chamber-checking gauges.

    Would like to say that this extra work will eliminate 99.99 % of one's sizing problems but in truth, it won't, simply because there are commercial cases mfg'd. for "Budget" priced ammo that is markedly less suitable for reloading than that of, say, top-tier brass used for LEO & Self-Defense ammo, like the notorious "A-Merc" pistol brass !