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    I have a Gen4 G23 with a fixed site. I was wondering how easy it would be to replace it with an adjustable one and which ones are good. I couldn't find adjustable sights on Glocks site so if you know a good place for them I would appreciate it. I was also wondering how easy it would be to replace the sight. I don't have any gunsmithing experience lol

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    I don't know if they make adjustable sights for Glocks or not, but the front sight can be pulled out with a pair of pliers and replaced with new night or high visibility sights, just make sure to use lock tight on the threads of the front sight nut. The rear sights are dovetail so they can be pressed or tapped out and back in, just go out and in from the same side, I replaced my stock sights with night sights, and usually only shoot from 10-35' so I have no need for adjustable sights. My local gun shop will usually put new sights on your gun while you wait if you buy them there.

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    I think .40 cal sights are 6.5mm and yeah GLOCK makes factory adjustable's they come standard on there comp. guns and they are cheap (price wise).
    GLOCK also does have a "rear sight tool" that is very nice and almost a must for a slick sight removal and replacement and adjustment.

    check or
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    Thanks for the information and links, much appreciated.
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    Original sights as installed by Glock and verified with a bore laser show no adjustment necessary. Replacing with night sights seems to common, however, it would be advisable to do so using a Glock sight tool for the rear.
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    Newer glocks have a hex head screw holding the front sight in place. Just remove the slide and barrel and you will see it. My old gen2 22 had the old pressed in front sight, but all my newer glocks have screws. I put a set of adjustable sights from cheaper than dirt on one of my g22, it was a good target sight but the front sight was so tall that it got hung up in all my holsters.
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    Here is one guy that seems to get very good reviews;

    All my glocks have shot pretty much on from the factory. The only reason I can think of for adjustable sights is when you have a conversion barrel (40 to 9mm) and you want to be able to adjust to the new barrel for a short period of time.
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    Depending on your intended use of the gun, why would you even want to change to adjustable sights? Except for the rare occasion, every G I know of in 9MM, .40 and .45 will give you 2"-3" [email protected] yds. out of the box.

    Get nite sights and use the leftover money for an extended slide release.
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    i have fixed sights on my 23 and it seems to shoot high, could be something im doing wrong though