AD in Walmart

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    Opinions? Personally this guy is an idiot and should be more careful, possibly invest in a locking holster of some type, like a serpa, thumb snap, hood, or something. Or carry a glock which won't go off when you drop it!
  2. iGlock

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    Havent heard about it

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Ruger Western style revolver...a single action...with a transfer bar safety ?!

    Goes to show, anything mechanical can fail at anytime.

    Your guns only safety is the one between your ears !!
  4. iGlock

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    Moral of the story; dont carry a western style revolver. Lol
  5. Happysniper1

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    Moral of the story: don't use the restrooms at Walmart! LOL
  6. ModernMusashi

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