Accidental Discharge

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  1. djg1965

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    Several weeks ago, I saw a video of an FBI employee who was dancing and attempted a backflip. He looked to be at a large party, possibly a wedding reception. When the man landed, his handgun separated from his body and discharged. I know the FBI mostly carry Glock 19 gen5. Have you all seen this video? Have you heard anything on what may have caused the AD?
  2. Olga17

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    I've seen the video.

    Gun may have not been drop safe.
    Too little engagement with striker maybe?

  3. djg1965

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    I just looked up this incident on internet. Apparently this happened over a year ago, I didn't know that. The agent was charged with 2nd or 3rd assault and of course fired. However, I have not heard about how the gun actually discharged. As this is old news, it may have already been discussed in this forum. Sorry for posting, if this is the case.
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    FBI Agent's Gun Goes Off On The Dance Floor, Shoots Man In Leg

    He inadvertently fired the pistol as he 'grabbed at' the fallen gun...

    FBI AD 1.jpg

    ... which is why you shouldn't try to catch (or grab at) a falling (fallen) firearm. :mad:

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    No problem... it's a good reminder. ;) :D

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  6. Silver-Bolt

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    It was an ND not an AD. He pulled the trigger.
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    Mental midget! They should see Kraken to learn how to dance & Bob to learn how to safely handle a Glock.
  8. Danzig

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    He had pretty good moves though.
  9. Lucian_253

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    He was carrying his off duty gun I believe. It fired when he recklessly picked it up with his booger hook on the trigger. I believe one woman was shot. If it’s same one I’m thinking of.
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  10. Lucian_253

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    Well it looks like a Glock 19. Been a while since I watched the video.
  11. djg1965

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    Booger finger
  12. djg1965

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    booger hook, even funnier!
  13. mattm

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    let's hope it's the same one. I know the fbi has issues, but dang, if doing lousy John Travolta impressions and dropping pistols on the dance floor is part of their new SOP, we're in trouble.
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    Booger Eating Moron, as we say in Texas. :)
  15. Dragnet

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    The Millennial LEO strike again
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    Alcohol sure makes some people do crazy things. There’s not enough whiskey in Tennessee to get me on a dance floor doing that crazy ****.
  17. Yup...AD is the
    AD-gun breaks and goes off or is a crappy design and as an example, goes off when it's dropped.
    ND-doing stupid things and the trigger is squeezed.

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  18. Silver-Bolt

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    Well aware of the difference. The FBI case was an ND. It did not discharge when it was dropped.